Catching Up with Dana Loffredo

Update: Dana Loffredo’s 2017 Racing Season!


Dana has been killing it this season! She has won track championships at both Cecil County Dragway and Atco Dragway for the 10.00 Index. She was second in points at English Town Raceway Park, where she was in 11 finals and won 8 of them!

Dana racing at Cecil County Dragway.

“The last race I won at Atco helped me clinch the championship, so did the last win at Cecil. The race I just won at Atco was an awesome day; my two qualifying runs we ran 10.007 and 10.002. First round 10.004, second round 10.001, third round 10.006, fourth round 10.01, and the finals 10.02! The car was on kill and my Aerospace brakes helped me out a lot that day! All my 60fts were very close, that all has to do with my precise staging and the brakes allow me to do that.” states Dana as she recaps her last championship race.

Dana making a pass at Atco Dragway.

Dana has one more race left at Cecil this weekend, which will be her final race of the year. Dana says, “I’m looking forward to next year to improve on this year! I can’t thank everyone at Aerospace enough for all the support throughout the year!”


When You Have to Stop Your Pony

NEW PRODUCT from Aerospace Components Inc!!

by Aerospace Staff

Manual Brake Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustang



The all NEW manual brake conversion kit for the S550 Mustang saves weight, adds space under a cramped hood, and improves braking. Going manual does not mean sacrificing great braking. With the Aerospace Components conversion kit, braking is actually improved! This is accomplished by correcting the pedal ratio and geometry so proper pressures can be achieved, without the assistance of a heavy vacuum booster.

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The Aerospace Components Manual Brake Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustangs (2015-2018) include a billet aluminum pedal arm/pad, grade 8 pushrod with adjustable rod end, billet aluminum master cylinder plate, lightweight 1 1/8 bore performance master cylinder, brake hoses with fittings to attach to the factory ABS module, and grade 8 hardware.

Installation is easy and straightforward. Only two small areas need to be slightly adjusted for clearance for the new pushrod. This kit works with the factory brake light switch as well. Manufactured in the USA!

Pricing starts at $549.00

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