Kimmy’s Garage was started by the owner of Aerospace Components, Kim Kussy. It developed out of Kimmy’s passion to promote Aerospace Component’s product line through video marketing. These videos are all filmed in-house in their specialized production studio. During this process, Kim discovered her passion for video production as a way to create brand awareness, boost sales, and connect with the dynamic community of racers. In the last year, Kim has been promoting fellow racers — on and off the track — through these videos and Kimmy’s Garage blog posts, as well as highlighting Event Promoters. Kim Kussy not only educates, but entertains through her instructional videos. She is the face of Aerospace Components and the heart of the company.

Kimmy’s Garage would now like to help you reach the next level of success by promoting your team or brand! She is also available for business consulting. Let’s get started!

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