Feature: Dana Loffredo

Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight Dana Loffredo in today’s blog:

During the 2017 racing season, Dana has continued to excel with every race and make a name for herself. Her wins — which include ATCO, MapleGrove, Cecil Independence Day Bash, and Raceway Park — have set her above and beyond the competition. Out of the nine races she has participated in this year, she has already solidified placements in six finals and achieved four incredible wins.


Dana’s track record has been built upon a stellar 2016 season; including a Raceway Park Points championship, Cecil Independence Day Bash win, and MapleGrove Dutch Classic Wally victory. Dana’s 2016 season tally came out to a triumphant 11 finals and six wins.

These top tiered performances come with dedication, drive, passion, and — of course — a powerful car. Dana’s 1998 FireBird is powered by a big block Chevy with the help of lightning fast stopping power brakes by Aerospace Components. “I love how close I have become with everyone at Aerospace. They are all so nice and truly make you feel like family”, Dana mentioned during her shop tour in Saint Petersburg, Fl. “They welcomed me with open arms. It was an awesome facility to see and I can’t wait to go back and see them again!”.

Dana, you’re always welcome to visit your friends at Aerospace Components. Your partnership is very valuable to us!

The 10.0 Queen — Dana Loffredo

Kimmy’s Garage caught up with Dana Loffredo on her 2017 racing season:

Dana made 12 finals last year!

She won 9 of those finals and was runner up for the other 3 finals. What an impressive racing season! Her wins include: Atco (NHRA National Open Wally), Maplegrove, Cecil Independence Day Bash, Raceway Park, Cecil 3x, Raceway Park Night of Thrills, and Atco again! 


Dana is the definition of girl power! She’s come a long way from beginning her career at 8 years old running Junior Dragsters to now the 10.0 Queen.

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This year Dana hopes to travel more, and by the end of the year move up to 850 index! Look for her feature in Drag Racer Magazine coming soon.


Kimmy with Dana Loffredo and her mom, Theresanna.





2018 Sneak Peek — Jeremiah Burgess

2018 Sneak Peek with Jeremiah Burgess


Jeremiah is building a new car for his 2018 racing season! The first thing he did was put Aerospace Components front and rear brakes on the car. The car will be built with help from Ace Trailers and feature J2 Fabrication. The gold wheels and tires will be replaced with Race Stars for street driving and Bogarts for race wheels. 

The car will also feature: UPR, Pro Dyno, Shane Martin, VMP, Mishimoto, Innovate Motorsports, PNR Welding, Team Beefcake Racing, Race Ramps Superwinch, Brian Tooley Racing, Lethal Performance, Carbon Driven, HCM Carbon,  Special Carbonfiber, and many other great brands!


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He will try to attend all 6 NMRA events, in the Ford Muscle Class this year and win as many as possible! Jeremiah’s 2018 goal is to win Rookie of the Year. “This season I want to honor my friends, family and sponsors. Have fun and meet new racers and people. Learn all I can and do it all while being respectful and showing God’s love towards everyone.” Jeremiah says. 

Jeremiah states, “I want to thank Kim Kussy and her team at Aerospace Components for giving me opportunity to represent them and for designing my brake setup that’s gonna keep me safe and also aid in my quest for 9s with the light weight billet aluminum they use to make them.”

Stay tuned for a Kimmy’s Garage video featuring Jeremiah’s brake install!!


Ray Cox SuperBird

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Ray Cox on today’s blog:

Ray Cox’s love of racing began in 1999 with the building of his old Pontiac FireBird which he raced in Xtreme Street with. Years later, it became a father son project, when his son Brad started helping with the build as well as racing in 2010.


Ray with his wife (Pam), daughter (Christina), and son (Brad).

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They are currently building a new 1999 Pontiac TransAm for NMCA Xtreme Street!

Features of the new car:

  • 3,550 lb All Steel Bodied 1976 Trans Am
  • Factory Doors and Glass
  • Nitrous Assisted
  • Street Legal
  • Aerospace Brakes, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum adjuster bottle mount, Battery tray, Water neck
  • All Pontiac 535 inch engine now going to 550 cubic inch
  • 275 Radial Tire
  • RPM transmission with a Griner Transbrake, PTC converter

“Even though we haven’t been the quickest car in the class, I love going to the NMCA Races just for the chance to be around great people and learn new things. Thanks to the NMCA for giving us a great place to race and a special thanks to Kim and Al at Aerospace for everything you do.”  -Brad Cox



Aerospace Components New Front Brake Kit:

2004-2008 Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon Truck


The brake kit replaces the heavy sealed bearing hub assembly with the odd 6 lug 5 1/2″ pattern with a much lighter billet aluminum hub. The new hub has the much more common 5 lug 4 1/2 and 4 3/4 lug patterns which allows for many more wheel options.


  • 4 piston billet aluminum calipers
  • Stainless steel spindle snout
  • Aluminum hubs
  • Tapered bearings
  • Aluminum caliper brackets
  • Grade 8 hardware
  • Hawk Performance brake pads


The brake kits are available with Pro Street Drilled Slotted and Plated Rotors, Plain Vented Rotors and Drag Race Only Rotors.

The brake kit saves 60 lbs over the stock brakes yet improves performance!

Call 727-347-9915 for pricing!!

Rudolf and His Sleigh

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Rudolf Motorsports in today’s blog:




Jeff Rudolf has been racing NMCA for a total of 6 years starting in 2011. He chose to switch to NMCA after racing a year at the local Indianapolis race track, Lucas Oil Raceway. He has ran 3 years in open comp in his previous ’70 Chevrolet Nova. After winning 2 open comp races in the NMCA series over the course of 3 years he was ready to go faster. The team then found a name for itself and added members to form an unforgettable motorsports collaboration.



Team Members of Rudolf Motorsports:

  • Kelli Ulrey
  • Kieffer Simpson
  • Brad Robinson 

After making the decision on purchasing Kevin Parent’s 1969 Nova, Rudolf made huge progress in the Nitrous Pro Street Class. Following his first year of competing in the NPS class. he came out strong ending the season in the 2nd position! The second year of running NPS he finished in the 3rd position of the ARP NPS Class. In 2017, Rudolf Motorsports added 3 key players to their team: Haltech Engine Management Systems, tuner Patrick Barnhill, and current Pro Mod driver, Steven Summers. Summers helped with chassis adjustments, while Patrick Barnhill with PTP Racing tuned the car with the Haltech Engine Management System.

Jeff battled this past racing season knowing that this would be the last time with the 1969 Nova and finished in the 2nd position of the class. He made it to the Aerospace Winner’s Circle twice this season, and the team has worked very hard to get to this point. Joliet and Atlanta were the two wins that Rudolf Motorsports and driver, Jeff will be remembered for. “It’s always good to see Kim’s smiling face handing you a trophy along with Al and his handy work on his extra photography and support. They never rush you out of the Aerospace Winner’s Circle, allowing people to celebrate your win with you.” Jeff says.


Jeff states, “No matter if you make it into the Aerospace Components Winner Circle or not, Kim and Al Kussy are always treating you as their racing family. Although, they do make winning an unforgettable experience.”

In Joliet, Jeff and his team, Rudolf Motorsports announced that they would be building a new Larry Jeffers, 1969 Camaro Twin Turbo Pro Mod for the 2018 season.


Stamping out the Competition

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Jerry Stamps on today’s blog:

Jerry’s first taste of drag racing was in 1966 when his father took him and his brother to the US Nationals the day before he started first grade. They haven’t missed that race since! “In 1968 a friend of the family had a new Z28 Camaro that we vividly remember to this day.  He was on his way to the drag strip.  Sitting in the back of that car with a pair of slicks on it was a ride to remember, I was hooked on fast cars ever since” states Jerry.


After Jerry graduated from school, the owner of a body shop that he worked at gave him a shell of a 1970 Plymouth Duster. The brothers worked on that in the evenings and weekends transforming it into a 1971 Demon, completing it in 1980.

With the Demon finished, it was time to decide who was driving the car, and they decided whichever of the two brothers weighed less would drive, and Jerry got the honors. With a car and driver, they were off to their first bracket race at Indianapolis Raceway park.  “To say my first pass down the track was a learning experience would be an understatement” says Jerry. After racing the Demon for many years, and qualifying for the bracket finals team they won their first big race in 1991, winning the Mopar Nationals in Columbus, OH! Shortly after this, Jerry and his brother sold the Demon.


In 1992, Jerry married his wife Terri and in 1994 they started working on a 1973 Plymouth Duster that they have today to compete in NHRA Stock Eliminator. Jerry states, “Having some success in this class we decided we wanted to race a new 4 race series NHRA Unleashed Series sponsored by Aerospace Components. We were lucky enough to win Indianapolis and Columbus that year and we were then hooked on index racing!”


In 2012, running Nostalgia Muscle Car, they ran 4 of the 7 events. They ended up winning the Super Bowl at Joliet and Indianapolis, running the final round at 5am, and with some other good finishes, Jerry found himself in the Champions seat! The following week they also won the NHRA Stock Eliminator Fall Classic.


“Since then I have run Nostalgia Muscle Car ever year finishing in the top five. This series has allowed us to meet some very tough racers, and even better friends that have become like family. Thanks to Aerospace Components Kim and Al Kussy for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!!” says Jerry.


Coyote Modified Means Fast!

PHL Racing and LaRocca Performance consist on three players: Jim LaRocca, Tommy Annunziata, and George Brower. They have been racing for over 25 years and know both the thrill of a win and the frustrations of racing.

This 2017 racing season was their first full racing season back, they took a 10 year hiatus and ended up winning the NMRA championship right out the gate!


L to R: Jim LaRocca, Tommy Annunziata, George Brower


Tommy and Jim really enjoyed being in the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle TWICE this year, with their 2014 Coyote modified CobraJet (7.69 at 177.72), which is the class et and mph record and they are hoping to visit it even more in 2018.

“Aerospace rocks, keep up the good work, we all love your products!” states Jim.


They just put brakes on a 2007 Shelby which runs low nines at 150 plus mph (6 speed trans 2.3 tvs) and look forward to more racing!




Product Sneak Peek!

The All New Aerospace Components
2007-2014 Mopar Front Brake Kit for the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and SRT-8!

A new lightweight brake kit!
now in stock*


Features include:

  • All billet aluminum calipers
  • Billet aluminum hats
  • Drag race and street applications
  • 12 inch vented rotors that are drilled, slotted and nickel-plate for corrosion resistance
  • All grade 8 hardware included
  • The kit only weighs 16 lbs per side!

Give us a call to order! Please call for pricing.

Military Muscle

Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight another veteran today: Aras VanBibber!

Aras was a Naval Warfare instructor for most of his career. He then joined the Marine Corps in 94 and retired in 2014. Aras has 67 combat missions has served in three branches of service : Marine Corps, Navy and Army.
He served 4 tours:

Operation New Dawn

During his first tour, Aras experienced loss of 7 brothers and 34 wounded in Ramadi, Iraq in OIF II. He worked as an intelligence officer during OIF VII and was responsible for the capture of 4 HVT.

Throughout his second tour, Aras decided he wanted to build up an import Scion. He called his then employer, Al and Kim Kussy of Aerospace Components, to design him some brakes. They made him one-of-a-kind brakes for his Scion!
“The generosity and support of Al and Kim during this build has helped me make this import car Scions fastest XB ever built to date. 523HP and 417on of torque at 31lb of boost.” states Aras.
Aerospace Components and Kimmy’s Garage is honored to support all veterans and military! God bless the USA!