Feature: Dana Loffredo

Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight Dana Loffredo in today’s blog:

During the 2017 racing season, Dana has continued to excel with every race and make a name for herself. Her wins — which include ATCO, MapleGrove, Cecil Independence Day Bash, and Raceway Park — have set her above and beyond the competition. Out of the nine races she has participated in this year, she has already solidified placements in six finals and achieved four incredible wins.


Dana’s track record has been built upon a stellar 2016 season; including a Raceway Park Points championship, Cecil Independence Day Bash win, and MapleGrove Dutch Classic Wally victory. Dana’s 2016 season tally came out to a triumphant 11 finals and six wins.

These top tiered performances come with dedication, drive, passion, and — of course — a powerful car. Dana’s 1998 FireBird is powered by a big block Chevy with the help of lightning fast stopping power brakes by Aerospace Components. “I love how close I have become with everyone at Aerospace. They are all so nice and truly make you feel like family”, Dana mentioned during her shop tour in Saint Petersburg, Fl. “They welcomed me with open arms. It was an awesome facility to see and I can’t wait to go back and see them again!”.

Dana, you’re always welcome to visit your friends at Aerospace Components. Your partnership is very valuable to us!

Military Muscle

Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight another veteran today: Aras VanBibber!

Aras was a Naval Warfare instructor for most of his career. He then joined the Marine Corps in 94 and retired in 2014. Aras has 67 combat missions has served in three branches of service : Marine Corps, Navy and Army.
He served 4 tours:

Operation New Dawn

During his first tour, Aras experienced loss of 7 brothers and 34 wounded in Ramadi, Iraq in OIF II. He worked as an intelligence officer during OIF VII and was responsible for the capture of 4 HVT.

Throughout his second tour, Aras decided he wanted to build up an import Scion. He called his then employer, Al and Kim Kussy of Aerospace Components, to design him some brakes. They made him one-of-a-kind brakes for his Scion!
“The generosity and support of Al and Kim during this build has helped me make this import car Scions fastest XB ever built to date. 523HP and 417on of torque at 31lb of boost.” states Aras.
Aerospace Components and Kimmy’s Garage is honored to support all veterans and military! God bless the USA!

Honoring our Veterans

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature the heroes of our US Military, as Veteran’s Day is quickly approaching.

One of Aerospace Components’ employees, Gary Owens, is a veteran himself. He served in the Marine Corps from 1989-1993, with his first deployment being Desert Storm in 1990. He was a heavy equipment operator with the 2nd LSB and remembers many sleepless nights overseas. He was home only a short while until he was deployed to Somalia with the 24th MEU from 1992-1993.

Gary started out as an auto mechanic student in high school which contributed to his job in the Marines as a heavy equipment operator. After the Marines, his first job was at Aerospace Components which lead him into machining, engineering, and racing. “I told Al that if I can drive a bulldozer in the Marine Corps, I can definitely drive a race car!” states Gary as he remembers how he got into racing.

He began racing in 1998 at Sunshine Drag Strip and Bradenton Motorsports Park in the Super Comp style dragster bracket racing. He was also the 2002 Team Sunshine Division track championship team member!


We would like to thank Gary and all the other veterans who have given us the gift of freedom. 

Catching Up with Dana Loffredo

Update: Dana Loffredo’s 2017 Racing Season!


Dana has been killing it this season! She has won track championships at both Cecil County Dragway and Atco Dragway for the 10.00 Index. She was second in points at English Town Raceway Park, where she was in 11 finals and won 8 of them!

Dana racing at Cecil County Dragway.

“The last race I won at Atco helped me clinch the championship, so did the last win at Cecil. The race I just won at Atco was an awesome day; my two qualifying runs we ran 10.007 and 10.002. First round 10.004, second round 10.001, third round 10.006, fourth round 10.01, and the finals 10.02! The car was on kill and my Aerospace brakes helped me out a lot that day! All my 60fts were very close, that all has to do with my precise staging and the brakes allow me to do that.” states Dana as she recaps her last championship race.

Dana making a pass at Atco Dragway.

Dana has one more race left at Cecil this weekend, which will be her final race of the year. Dana says, “I’m looking forward to next year to improve on this year! I can’t thank everyone at Aerospace enough for all the support throughout the year!”


Now Hiring: Media Manager

Aerospace Components Job Description
Media Manager

Headquartered in Saint Petersburg, FL., Aerospace Components Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been producing high quality racing components for over 30 years.


Aerospace Components Media Manager
Part Time/Full Time


The Aerospace Components Media Manager is responsible for creatively writing, creating, and developing content for Aerospace Components’ media platforms. This role coordinates with the marketing and public relations to support respective mission, ensuring consistency in voice and integration of social media across all platforms. The Media Manager will assist in promoting the social framework throughout the company and ensure social media is fully integrated with all other efforts across the company.


  1. Write and create engaging content for Aerospace Components’ media platforms that include email blasts,, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  2. Assist the President in monitoring social media trends and present new ideas that will enhance the current content strategy in order to increase followers.
  3. Create engaging advertisements for use on all platforms.
  4. Basic video production including shooting, editing, and posting video to all media platforms.
  5. Other marketing activities and projects as assigned.


  1. An Associates in marketing/social media/media relations preferred.
  2. 2-4 years of social media experience for a sports or marketing agency.
  3. Strong creative writing skills specific to social media such as taglines, hashtags, descriptions and teasers required. Experience writing blog posts/articles for websites a plus.
  4. Knowledge and advanced strategy understanding of social media platforms.
  5. Experience producing engaging video and gifs optimized for social media and digital preferred.
  6. Knowledge of Aerospace Components and the drag racing industry preferred.
  7. Experience with graphic design, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, and Adobe Premiere or other video editing software preferred.
  8. Knowledge of social analytics, Facebook Insights, social monitoring and Google analytics.
  9. Well organized, detail oriented, dependable, and motivated self-starter preferred.
  10. Some travel may be required.

Please send your resume to Kim Kussy at

When You Have to Stop Your Pony

NEW PRODUCT from Aerospace Components Inc!!

by Aerospace Staff

Manual Brake Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustang



The all NEW manual brake conversion kit for the S550 Mustang saves weight, adds space under a cramped hood, and improves braking. Going manual does not mean sacrificing great braking. With the Aerospace Components conversion kit, braking is actually improved! This is accomplished by correcting the pedal ratio and geometry so proper pressures can be achieved, without the assistance of a heavy vacuum booster.

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The Aerospace Components Manual Brake Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustangs (2015-2018) include a billet aluminum pedal arm/pad, grade 8 pushrod with adjustable rod end, billet aluminum master cylinder plate, lightweight 1 1/8 bore performance master cylinder, brake hoses with fittings to attach to the factory ABS module, and grade 8 hardware.

Installation is easy and straightforward. Only two small areas need to be slightly adjusted for clearance for the new pushrod. This kit works with the factory brake light switch as well. Manufactured in the USA!

Pricing starts at $549.00

Call 727-347-9915 or order online today!



How To: Vacuum Pump Install

This article will go over the details of installing a vacuum pump on a BBC cylinder head.

The vacuum pump can be installed on either side of the engine. Left or right, it does not matter. As you can see, there are mounting holes on all BBC cylinder heads. All you have to do is bolt the stationary pivot point on the inside of the cylinder head. Some configurations will require spacers or washers for proper alignment. The slotted part of the mounting bracket should line up with the outer tapped hole of the cylinder head. Make sure that the pump is aligned equally with spacers and/or washers as shown in the main pivot bolt. Once the pump is mounted, install the mandrill drive onto the harmonic dampener. Adjust the V-belt pulley on the mandrill drive to line up with the vacuum pump pulley. Then install the breather tank in a location that suits your engine compartment or chassis. You then have to cut the -12 AN lines to the correct lengths and hook them up to their respective ports on the vacuum pump (intake and exhaust).

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Also, you will have to cut a hole in the front of your valve cover and attach the aluminum valve cover bung to attach the suction line of the vacuum pump. On the opposite front valve cover, you will have to install a relief valve and adjust it accordingly to how much vacuum you want to pull. You have to buy the proper length V-belt to complete the installation and adjust the vacuum pump tension and tighten up the mounting bracket once completed.

Check alignment of the V-belt. Start your engine. Check the vacuum that the pump is creating. Adjust accordingly.

If you are not creating enough vacuum, check for potential leaks. These are a few areas for potential leakage: valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, timing chain cover gasket, intake manifold gasket, and around the distributor hole.


If you have any further questions, call Aerospace Components at 727-347-9915 or email!

More vacuum pump videos on Kimmy’s Garage YouTube!

Ron Virga: The First Street Outlaw

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Ron Virga, a local racer from Dearborn, Michigan.

Ron’s love of racing started at a young age, when he got his first car in 9th grade. Al Kussy and Ron Virga became friends during Junior High and enjoyed ‘souping up’ cars together. By high school graduation, they were all racing their own respective cars! Ron had a 64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt, Al had a 67 Camaro Z28, and their other friend Bozyk had a 69 Camaro BBC. “We would skip school to go drag race our sweet cars on Telegraph Road between Dearborn and Redford, MI” says Ron.



Ron continued racing in Dearborn, MI and eventually sparked his son’s interest in racing! Together they built a 1987 Cutlass from body to paint. Ron states, “It started as a roller only when we got it. We put a 383 stroker motor, Aerospace Components brakes, and 350 trans built up 4200 stall with a 410 grand national rear end.”


Ron now participates in many car shows with the 1987 Cutlass. “I try to spread them out and go to different places as much as I can. Hangouts on a daily basis and the car usually goes out when it’s nice, 3-5 times a week. I just love cruising and hanging out!” Ron says about his life after retirement.

Ron and Al still keep in touch and reminisce about the old days of street racing. And their story is far from over!


The Devil’s in the Details

Update: Michelle Devilbiss and the Devil’s Revenge

Michelle recently upgraded her 2000 Mustang GT:

  • Four link back halved big tire
  • 600ci BBF with nitrous
  • Compression 13.5/1
  • Aerospace Components front and rear brakes
  • Strange engineering 2500 HP Alum prorated HD case lightweight
  • 40 spline gun drilled star flanges axles
  • 9″ rear 457 gears
  • Books carb 1550
  • Santhuff shocks


2017 has been an awesome season for Michelle Devilbiss and The Devil’s Revenge, filled with Invitationals, appearances and Grudge Racing! “I am not a class racer, I get a rush out of performing and being competitive in front of thousands of spectators, fans, and followers!” says Michelle.


Michelle started her season with an appearance in Tennessee at Cherokee Raceway Park! This track had previously hosted several of the 405 Street Outlaws. Michelle states, “The people were so welcoming and friendly. I spent 2 days there making passes and signing autographs.”


She wore her other hat — “Crew Chief”– at the NMRA Season Opener in March at Bradenton which got her husband Brian in the Aerospace Components Winners Circle!


She was asked to make Exhibition passes at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA when Jeff Lutz and The Reaper from the 405 Street Outlaws came to town. She ran a 5.21 at 136mph with a .003 light — at that time it was her quickest pass!

She then headed over to Summit Motorsports Park in Ohio where she signed hero cards, t-shirts and arms! She also got a picture with Kayla Morton of the 405 Street Outlaws when she asked to match race.


Michelle also participated in an Invitation Grudge Race at Mason Dixon Drawgway in Boonsboro, MD when Kye Kelly and Kayla Morton of the 405 Street Outlaws came to town. “I won my race with a new best of 5.16 with another .003 light” says Michelle.

Michelle and Brian Devilbiss also host 2 events per year for the JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund at their Race Team Evolution Performance, 100% of proceeds go to the charity. She meets lots of little fans and loves to help sponsor and mentor young children who want to get into racing. She also is a spokesperson for the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation, raising money and awareness.


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Michelle states,
“I am blessed to be supported by Sponsors who I share the same vision with. Teaming up with Kim and Al Kussy of Aerospace Components for the 2017 season has been most rewarding. Kim Kussy actively supports and empowers women of Motorsports.

Young or old, male or female, every dream starts with a vision. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are successful and living their dreams. To all the young girls and women out there, let’s inspire and empower each other to be tough competitors and make the men realize we are a force to be reckoned with!! Youth are the future racers who will keep our sport going!”


FYI — Michelle’s next appearance will be at a Grudge Race in Atco, NJ!


Project Silver Juice is back!

Update: John Schaeffer


John Schaeffer and his team finished the most recent build only 2 weeks before LSFest and out of the gate the car ran 5.20s on his home track on a “test and tune” night.

The new setup includes the Aerospace ProEliminator Shifter, “Which works awesome! The short shift from 1 to 2 is great and the trans brake button is in the perfect spot” states John.

They loaded up and drove to LSFest in Kentucky to battle it out in Drag Radial, the car did a best of 4.90s, making him the #1 qualifier on that first day. They moved to eliminations on Sunday but in the quarterfinals the ring gear broke in the rear end which caused him to lift a head gasket. “We would have made it to the finals but that’s racing! Everyone has those days.” says John.

Last weekend they did not get the car back together in time for NMCA Indy because of some issues. But he did make it to Street Car Takeover in St. Louis where he finished in the small tire class runner up, battling it out with 4.50 cars.


This weekend he is headed to a Big Marks No Prep Race and is looking forward to going rounds. October 7th John will be racing at Kansas Speedway on the pit road.

To keep up with Project Silver Juice, you can visit: