Feature: Dana Loffredo

Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight Dana Loffredo in today’s blog:

During the 2017 racing season, Dana has continued to excel with every race and make a name for herself. Her wins — which include ATCO, MapleGrove, Cecil Independence Day Bash, and Raceway Park — have set her above and beyond the competition. Out of the nine races she has participated in this year, she has already solidified placements in six finals and achieved four incredible wins.


Dana’s track record has been built upon a stellar 2016 season; including a Raceway Park Points championship, Cecil Independence Day Bash win, and MapleGrove Dutch Classic Wally victory. Dana’s 2016 season tally came out to a triumphant 11 finals and six wins.

These top tiered performances come with dedication, drive, passion, and — of course — a powerful car. Dana’s 1998 FireBird is powered by a big block Chevy with the help of lightning fast stopping power brakes by Aerospace Components. “I love how close I have become with everyone at Aerospace. They are all so nice and truly make you feel like family”, Dana mentioned during her shop tour in Saint Petersburg, Fl. “They welcomed me with open arms. It was an awesome facility to see and I can’t wait to go back and see them again!”.

Dana, you’re always welcome to visit your friends at Aerospace Components. Your partnership is very valuable to us!

Donnie Edmonds: “Big Bertha” Unleashed!

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Donnie Edmonds in today’s blog!


Donnie Edmonds’ car, which has been cleverly named “Big Bertha”, is a 1969 Chevelle SS 396. Donnie’s been racing for most of his life, and this 6th generation Chevelle has been a work in progress since fall of 2013. Bertha is a solid, all original panel car and has had only one repaint in Dark Red Mica. She has a Extreme Automatics turbo 400 trans prepared by Lonnie Diers with a Griner Billet Pro Tree trans brake, and Coan and EXA billet aluminum goodies inside. 

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Donnie updated Bertha in December 2016 with an Aerospace Components Vacuum Pump kit. “It looks awesome!”, Donnie shared after the new kit was installed. The following spring, Donnie was able to test out the upgrades and the difference was immediate and very noticeable. Right from the start, the car picked up in ET and MPH!

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The very first time Donnie ran the car with the Aerospace Components vacuum pump on it was at the NMCA race in Bradenton 2017. “I flipped out because the car matched its best ET to date in the warm Florida air, which was around 2700 feet DA. When I ran the car at my local track the previous fall, the DA was 6 or 800 feet — so I knew we were on to something!”. Then when Donnie and his team got back from the race and were able to test at their home base; Bertha made her quickest and fastest pass ever with the 9.36 at 142 MPH.

Donnie also recently decided to upgrade Big Bertha with Aerospace Component’s hybrid Ceramic Bearings, after seeing the below Kimmy’s Garage video featuring the new product. Donnie is always on the hunt to find ways to make Bertha quicker and faster, as well as safer in any way he can. This upgrade was no exception and ultimately provided that added force as well as keeping safety at the forefront. The ceramic bearing upgrade provides faster ET’s with lighter weight overall; they’re also longer lasting and corrosion resistant!

“Personally I couldn’t be happier with the product and the people I purchased it from. The Aerospace Components team has been there any time I’ve needed any assistance. If you’ve been looking at my Facebook page for any length of time, you’ll know I don’t candy coat anything — I call ‘em as I see ‘em!”

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Donnie has poured his heart and soul into his car, but it’s the unique atmosphere of racing that he also gravitates towards. “I love everything about NMCA!”, Donnie explained. “The cars, the racers and the staff make it very enjoyable for me”. So much so, that the only other race Donnie normally runs in is the Shakedown At The Summit, and a race or two at his local track: Kil-Kare in Xenia, Ohio. 

Before his racing career began, Donnie worked with the Cincinnati Fire Department for 25 years and retired in 2006. He spent almost all of his career in high crime, low income areas of Cincinnati. After continuous exposure to this intense environment, he decided it was time to pursue other passions in his life. Although Donnie’s greatest enjoyment is spending time with his wife and family, his ultimate passion is continuing to make Bertha the best car she can possibly be. 

“I choose to do that the hard way by making her quick and fast with no power adders. She is completely NA and I like it that way”, Donnie mentioned. He understands that anyone can make their ride quick and fast with NOS or power boosters, turbos or blowers, but getting a 3,700 lbs car to run bottom 9s on a small tire is a feat all in itself. This is a feat that Donnie is excited and ready to tackle this coming racing season!

“I truly appreciate the support that Kim, Al and the rest of the crew from Aerospace Components gives to its customers and racers in general. I would and do highly recommend their products to anyone and everyone I come across.”

We wish Donnie and the D&S Motorsports team the best of luck and we can’t wait to see you at the NMCA Summit Motorsports Park Norwalk race (August 23-26) in the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle!

Check out these awesome videos below of Donnie demonstrating how the Aerospace Components vacuum pump improves his overall performance on Big Bertha and also shows the installation!

*NEW* Aerospace Components Product: Vacuum Pump Ceramic Bearings!

Introducing our new space age, ceramic bearings!

Are you running “parts store” grade steel bearings in your race car? Then you’re racing with the lowest cost bearing available and not making use of the latest technology in bearings. Ceramic Bearings offer many benefits for the racer, and the cost to upgrade is very affordable!

Some of the benefits to this upgrade include:

  • Faster ET’s – Ceramic bearings have 1/10th the friction of steel which means faster ET’s!

  • 60% Lighter Weight – silicon nitrate balls weigh 50% less than steel balls of the same size. Reduce your bearing rotating weight!

  • Longer Life – Ceramic bearings last up to 5 times longer than steel!

  • Cool Run – Ceramic bearings have no micro weld adhesion between the ball bearings and races which mean lower friction, meaning they’re corrosion resistant. Ceramic also has a lower amount of thermal expansion which also reduces temperatures. Bearings run cooler and vibration levels are lower at high RPM!

Featured below are the complete vacuum pump systems with a variety of options. One kit has a stainless steel hose while the other kit has a black hose. There’s something for everyone and the choice is up to you!

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Pricing starts at $199.00 for new pumps!

*Installation fee ($99) applies to used pumps sent it for upgrades

Call Aerospace Components today to place your order!

Build Of The Month: Keith Rhea

This month we are featuring racer Keith Rhea and his recently updated Twin Turbo 2004 Cobra!

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Keith’s car has been 4.55 @ 159 in the 1/8.

He will be entering into the following races over the next year:

  • June 16th – Warrior Outlaws – Capital Raceway

  • July 14th – Warrior Outlaws – MDIR

  • August 4 – Warrior Outlaws – Capital

  • August 31st – September 2 – Yellow Bullet Nationals Cecil

  • September – 22nd Warrior Outlaws – Capital

  • September 27th-30th – Ducks Lights Out 9 – SGMP

  • October 6th – Warrior Outlaws – MDIR

  • October 31st – November 4th – World Cup Finals – MDIR

  • November 9th-11th – Mod Nationals – SGMP

As Keith continues with his racing season this year, he mentioned his satisfaction with Aerospace Components’ products and service. “I’m very pleased with Aerospace’s customer service and how their company support racers in all aspects. I’ve worked with a lot of good companies, but Aerospace is definitely at the top.”

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Below are some details about Keith’s car:

  • 2004 Cobra

  • 25.3 Chassis by Cage Rage Fabrications

  • 5.4L 2011-2012 GT500 Block w/ Darton custom sleeves, Billet Winberg crankshaft, 300M Manley cryo treated rods, Custom diamond pistons, Fox Lake ported Gt heads, Todd Warren Spec’d camshafts, Wonder Racing timing components, machine work my PR Engine rebuilders, Blueprinted and assembled in house at Wonder Racing LLC

  • Aviaid Dry sump system with Billet oil pan

  • M1 fuel with a lil Bertha pump feeding twin Billet Atomizer injectors per cylinder 225s and 550s

  • Custom intake manifold with billet runners

  • Trans – Reid case power glide, sunnex 1.58 billet gear set, billet valve body

  • Custom ProTotque EV1 converter

  • PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

  • Holley EFI Dominator w/ custom harness built by Wonder Racing LLC

  • Quick Performance sponsored Ford 9″ w/ 40 spline axles, spool, Strange Ultra HD case, 9.5″ pro gear

  • Billet Specialties wheels, Carbon Doors, Optic Armor front and rear windows

  • Front and Rear Aerospace Titanium brakes


“There are several companies in this game. I choose to do business with those that support racers such as myself and so many others. It doesn’t hurt that Aerospace Components’s quality is second to none.  I’m just fortunate enough for them to feel I deserve their support and sponsorship.”

Best of luck to you, Keith!


Stopping That Pony!

Featured Product:

Aerospace Components Manual Brake and Pedal Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustang

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The Aerospace Components Manual Brake and Pedal Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustang (2015-2018) saves weight, adds space under a cramped hood, and improves braking! Going manual doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great braking. With this AC conversion kit, braking is actually improved! This is accomplished by correcting the pedal ratio and geometry so proper pressure can be achieved, without the assistance of a heavy vacuum booster.

This kit includes:

  • Billet aluminum pedal arm/pad

  • Grade 8 pushrod with adjustable rod end

  • Billet aluminum master cylinder plate

  • Lightweight 1 1/8″ bore performance master cylinder

  • Brake hoses with fittings to attach to the factory ABS module

  • Grade 8 hardware

Installation is easy and straightforward, an instruction sheet is included with your order. Only two small areas need to be slightly adjusted for clearance for the new pushrod. This kit works with the factory brake light switch as well. It’s also manufactured in the USA! 

This kit starts at $549.00

Call Aerospace Components today to place your order! This kit is currently in stock!


The Fast and Furious Firebird

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Ray and Brad Cox and their Pontiac Firebird!


Ray and Brad Cox’s Pontiac Firebird has been running Aerospace Components products for many years. On their TransAm they have AC vacuum pump, battery tray, nitrous bottle mount, and water neck. Most recently they purchased the Titanium Wave Drag Rotors, front and rear! “Our old steel rotors would tend to warp easily with our 3500 lb car, but with Aerospace Components Titanium Drag Rotors we have experienced no warping, even with 50+ passes” states Ray and Brad. With his new Aerospace Titanium rotors he is saving 10 lbs of rotating weight. They say that have improved their ET’s and stopping power with their new rotors. 


“We’ve had Aerospace Components racing products on our car for over 10 years and we can attest to the excellent craftsmanship! Not to mention the products are designed and manufactured in America. One of our favorite things about Aerospace is that they are available for tech support Monday-Thursday until 7pm EST, and Friday until 4pm EST. So if we have any questions they are there to assist us” states Brad.

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“One of the most important factors in switching from steel rotors to titanium is to bed the brake pads in, we decided to purchase new brake pads also. We simply followed the instructions per Aerospace’s instruction sheet which can be found online” says Ray.

Ray and Brad have raced with NMCA, Muncie Street Car Shootout, Car Craft Midnight Drags, the Pontiac Nationals, and Ohio Valley Prize Fight. They are especially looking forward to the remaining three NMCA races:

  • Illinois, July 26-29

  • Ohio, August 23-26

  • Indiana, September 20-23

    • (The Indiana event includes a free BBQ on Thursday)

This year you can find them on the Midway featuring more Aerospace Components products! You can also follow Ray and Brad Cox on facebook to see what they are up to!


Build of the Month: Jason Shumate

Making the Switch: Steel to Titanium

Racer: Jason Shumate

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Jason recently ran the car at the NHRA Sports Nationals in Bowling Green. He qualified #6 out of 97 Super Stock cars, ran almost a full second under the SS/AA index, and won the Best Appearing Car award out of hundreds of cars! “It was nice to get a bronze Wally that is only given out at the Sports Nats. Should be coming out in National Dragster soon. We made the quickest pass in the car yet at 8.75 during round one of class eliminations” says Jason.


He recently made several changes with the motor. Charlie Westcott, Jr. of Parma, MI helps him with all the parts, machine work, and dyno time for the motor. John and Ben Holt of Columbus, OH do all the chassis work and adjustments to keep the car hooked up and going straight.

History of the car: “This car was not an original 1965 A-990 factory race car and was truthfully just about ready for the crusher. It took several donor vehicles and 5 years to get the body all restored, painted, and looking great. Hollis Booker of Memphis, IN did all the restoration, body work, and paint. Mike Quinn of Derby City Car Covers in Louisville, KY did all the custom interior” states Jason.

Sports Nats Award

Switching from steel to titanium Aerospace rotors: “I started out with all Aerospace parts for the brake system which included the standard steel rotors. The changes I have made to the brake system this year was switching out to titanium front and rear rotors, installing new rear hats, and changing to the new brake pads. The change over was easy because all the parts from Aerospace are interchangeable, which means I reused all my calipers and the front hubs. It’s difficult in a Super Stock car sometimes to exactly pinpoint what change made a car improve the numbers on your time slip because we are usually adjusting several things at once, but a lot of little things add up and become fewer and farther between the more you refine your setup. Switching to the titanium rotors was too easy of a weight loss not to do, and has to be part of the cars improvements. This 65 Plymouth Belvedere is a natural B Class car per the NHRA Car Classification Guide, so we have went to great lengths and expenses to save all the weight we can and be able to run this car competitively up one class in A Class. The titanium rotor change lost 10lbs off the car” says Jason.


Jason plans to attend the NHRA Indianapolis and Chicago points races in July to get grade points so he can run the U.S. Nationals again this coming Labor Day weekend!

NHRA Sportsnationals 2018 highlights of Jason:


Kevin White: Fueling Up With Aerospace Components!


Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Kevin White on today’s blog!


Kevin has been involved with many types of racing over time, mainly through business. From Indy Cars to NASCAR. Dick Simon racing with Scott Pruitt driving. Race enduro’s and hare scrambles for 22 years. Dirt bikes.

He was involved with White Creek Stables, Delaware OH. Standard breads, pacers and trotters. “Always have had fast cars over time. A little street racing every now and then? Started running in true street 2014, but I was using a collector car in that series, 1973 matching numbers Berger Camaro. I’m the third owner. Great car. 1/6 made at Berger. Other 5 are no where to be found. 383 stroker, high tens” says Kevin.


He then decided to jump into open comp, then into super comp in NHRA. Very first NHRA division 3 event of the last year was his first event for the Nova. “Pulled up to the staging lane, and was first in line with a dragster. Was told I’m in the wrong lane, but explained I wasn’t, look at SC. All was settled and went up to stage, it was fun. Many fans and drivers” says Kevin of his first experience at the line.

He Ran number 1 qualifier 890.1. 8.90 is the index. “This is old school, no box, or throttle stops. Old school racing against computers race cars. Every seat time gets better. They can be beat” says Kevin.



“Had a good run in Division 3 NHRA, Hebron OH. Had the biggest fan base at my trailer. These super comp dragsters even routing for the Nova. When they found out is was just me and my weights to slow it down, is old school of way of doing it. (8.90)”

Kevin will be running in the US Nationals, 2018.

He also races with NMCA events in the Open Comp Class. 

There are 3 more NMCA events in 2018

July 26-29th *Illinois ~ Route 66 Raceway

August 23-26th * Ohio ~ Summit Motorsports Park

September 20-23rd * Indiana ~ Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis

“We are getting better and are going to win! Thanks to Aerospace Components for supporting NMCA as a major sponsor and for creating a great fuel pump!” says Kevin. He hopes to celebrate in the Aerospace Components winner’s circle in 2018!


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ASC 14 Fuel Pump Kit a 4 web



Robert Chuhran: Street Lightning Racer & Veteran!

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Robert Chuhran in today’s blog!


Military Background: CWO2 Robert B. Chuhran

He was drafted in 1967, and after basic and Surveyor School, he waited for orders to attend Flight School in April. After flight school he went straight to Vietnam as a Helicopter pilot in November of 1968! “I had a hard time there and took small arms fire in a small helo called a Loach and went down. Then I flew a Huey for a month but that was also shot down in 27 days! Then I got my big chance in a Cobra Attack Helicopter until that was shot down by an RPG. I woke up in Japan 6 days later, but they (the Army) figured I had enough of Vietnam! I then got orders for Korea after a month in the hospital! There I was in an Artillery outfit for 10 months working as a clerk in Battalion Headquarters! After that I got a job in the USO running a craft shop and flying model airplanes for my last 18 months in the Army!!”


Robert began his racing career in 2000 at the World Ford Challenge, racing his 1999 Ford Lightning. By 2001 he had already won the Street Lightning class! In 2004 he went to his first race in Bradenton, after the the Fun Ford Weekend race in Orlando. He continued to attend the Bradenton race as well as the Fun Ford Weekend for a couple years until he decided to switch to all NMRA. He has continued racing in NMRA every year since then and has even made it into the Aerospace Components Winners Circle! 



Car specs:

  • Ford GT aluminum block

  • Bored and stroked with a Kenny Bell 4.7L supercharger

  • The engine was built by Johnny “Lightning” Wiker Jr and currently is using Big Stuff 3 for tuning

  • Engine output can be up to 860 HP!

  • Aerospace Components front and rear brakes


“The reason I use Aerospace Components brakes is they are extremely lightweight and stop my truck every time after a pass down the 1/4 mile. They serve me well! I have great confidence in Aerospace Components brakes to get me stopped safely!” says Robert.

Robert continues to race this season and is getting used to his new engine and transmission, as well as using a transbrake. “As always my significant other Pamala supports my efforts of trying to win another Championship and compete in this sport of ours!” says Robert of his success.


We are glad to have Robert as a part of our Aerospace Components team!

Thank you for your service, Robert!


Follow Robert’s Racing In 2018 at the NMRA Events : 





Build of the Month: Rose Racing

This month we are featuring Rose Racing and their recently updated Aerospace Components Titanium Rotors!

Rose Racing:
Chuck Rose, Matt Rose, Brad Rose

NHRA Stock Eliminator

​1972 Plymouth Duster – 340CI Mopar Engine


Rose Racing decided to upgrade their 1972 Plymouth Duster with brand new Aerospace Components Titanium Wave Rear Drag Race Rotors!


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“They were a direct bolt on from the steel rotors and fit perfectly on the original hats. Rotating weight saved per side was 3 lbs 3ounces. I estimated it improved my quarter mile ET by  at least .01 (ie from 11.05 to 11.04), which in stock eliminator racing is a huge plus on the qualifying sheet! They also seem to improve my reaction time. Thanks again for a great product.” says Chuck Rose of Rose Racing.




NEW PRODUCT: Titanium Drag Race Wave Front Rotors!


Aerospace Components
Titanium Drag Race Wave Front Rotors

Complete your set with both Front and Rear Drag Race Wave Rotors!

Aerospace Components Wave Rotor


  • Billet Brake Calipers with ‘Zero Drag’ technology built in

  • Less rotating mass/weight

  • More durable than carbon fiber

  • Faster ET’s

  • Floater rotors for spindle mount wheels

  • HUGE weight savings!
    Front Rotors weigh 1.9lbs versus steel 5.6lbs
    Rear Rotors weigh 2.4lbs versus steel 5.6lbs

  • Withstand extreme temperatures

  • Highest resistance against distortion, warping, wear

  • Will fit any Aerospace Drag Race Brake Kit

  • No special brake pads required

  • Made in the USA

  • Currently in stock


Behind the scenes look at how it’s made:



Call Aerospace Components at
727-347-9915 for pricing!