Tyler Friend: Fresh, Fast, and Furious!


Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Tyler Friend on today’s blog!

Tyler’s racing career began in 2018, after attending her first race in Columbus, Ohio. She didn’t have much exposure to racing, but after that particular race weekend, she knew it was something she was destined to do! In October 2018, Tyler bought her 2015 Eco Post Mustang and her first race was this year in Bradenton, Florida. This race was pivotal for Tyler, as she caught the eye of Brad and Nina Gussler and they approached her with a sponsorship offer!

“BG Racing is helping me tremendously. Brooks Smith is my crew chief and my fiancé and I wouldn’t be able to race if it wasn’t for him. I’m also being sponsored by Stifflers, who gave me a drive shaft loop. My plans for 2019 include staying in Ford Muscle and my goal is to get into the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle!”, Tyler shared.


We wish you the best of luck in the beginning of your racing career, Tyler! Hope to see you in the Aerospace Component’s Winner’s Circle!


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