New Product Alert – Direct Bolt on 2015-2021 Mustang Rear Brake Kit – Available Now!


Direct Bolt on 2015-2021 Mustang Rear Brake Kit!

This is a completely custom designed brake kit specifically for the 2015-2021 Mustang. The brake kit is available in 3 configurations: Drag Race Only, Street-N-Strip, Show and Street Car. The kit allows the use of 15” wheels without sacrificing stopping power. Aerospace Components is on the innovative cutting-edge of designing and manufacturing new products and is excited for this latest release! Designed & manufactured in the U.S.A.!


  • Billet Aluminum Proprietary Custom Calipers
  • Billet Aluminum Brake Hats
  • 11 3/4 Diameter Rotors
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Hawk Performance Brake Pads
  • Made In U.S.A
  • Meets All NHRA / IHRA Requirements

This is a direct bolt on brake kit.
Fits 15″ Wheels with a 13.5″ Inside diameter or larger barrel size.

Direct Bolt Kit For 2015-2021 Mustangs for our Customer Shipping Today!

Aerospace Components Direct Bolt Kit. Made in USA!

Houston Kilby — Back At It!

We are checking in on Houston Kilby for a 2020 racing update!


The Kilby Crew is back at it again! After experiencing the quality of Aerospace Components parts, Kilby knew he would want their products on his customer’s cars as well as his personal vehicles. “It can be extremely difficult when deciding on transmission packages for your race car & street car, let alone figuring out what shifter to use. That being said, there is one shifter that comes to mind when using a Promod Reid cased TSR Powerglide — that is the Aerospace Components Powerglide shifter. The first time I laid eyes on it I knew that the team at Aerospace Components had race car and street car enthusiasts in mind” says Kilby of his newest addition to his car.


Speaking more about the Aerospace Components Powerglide Shifter, Kilby says, “not only did they take it to the next level by making this bad boy very appealing to look at, but it is also extremely user friendly. After the install, I noticed how easy it is to shift from Park to 1st in very easy to little effort. Not to mention the one-handed feature to shift into reverse.  Speaking from a racers/chassis builders mindset I have always struggled finding a shifter that’s appealing to the eye and functional for consistent electric solenoid shifting, plus Made in the USA! I owe a big thank you to Kim and her awesome team at Aerospace Components for all of the support with their products and for promoting their customers builds. The finish and the quality of Aerospace Components is above and beyond, plus the fact that Aerospace Components products are made in the USA is a huge plus for me.”



Kilby currently has front and rear Aerospace Pro Street drilled and slotted Brake kit for awesome stopping power, backed up with Aerospace Powerglide shifter for smooth and consistent shifting with very cool easy one handed Operation on his personal GTO “Full Metal Goat.” The Kilby Crew also has two builds currently underway in house for both sand and Mudd racing customers that they are also using Aerospace Drag race brake kits on. You can see all three builds on their YouTube channel!

Kilby’s race plans for 2020 are currently wide open —  “working the late night hours, finishing up the last few safety components on the chassis fire bottles, and parachute mounts.  The parts I have left buy are:  Holley Dominator EFI system, Fuel Pump & Atomizer injectors, Fire suit, Helmet, Belts, & Parachute.”


The Kilby Crew would also like to recognize the following companies:

  • TSR Racing Products: Thank you for helping us out on our Powerglide Transmission!

  • Autoplumb:  Your AN Fittings are awesome, thank you for working with us!

  • KCD:  Thank you for hooking us up with some awesome suspension tuning!

Kevin McCotter

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Kevin McCotter’s first time at the race track was in June 2009 – in Milan, Michigan.

He started out with a burn out contest, and from there began racing with NMCA & NMRA True Street 1/4 mile tracks. From 2009-2017 Kevin raced 14 seconds, and has 18 winning plaques and 11 Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle hats! Congratulations!!

He has been the fastest “King of the Street” True Street winner 3 times. Kevin was also 6 times a 9-second winner in True Street! Wow! Kevin knows how to get his wins!!


His 1990 Foxbody Mustang was sent to the body shop in November 2019 and in 7 weeks was transformed — 352 lbs lighter and paint from white to purple. Kevin raced his new ride at the Bradenton Motorsports Park Racing NMRA opener in 2020! He finished the NMRA opener 8.89 seconds at 150 miles with carberated small block.


During the off season, he also upgraded his brakes to Aerospace Components light weight billet aluminum brakes. “I got to know Al and Kim Kussy in the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle and saw their involvement with NMRA & NMCA series” says Kevin. 

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“The Aerospace Components front and rear brakes were a perfect install, and I can’t wait for a chance to put more Aerospace Components products on my car. Namely, their billet aluminum shifter, vacuum pump and water pumps! I am hooked on Aerospace Components products!! I was also impressed with the Aerospace staff. They were helpful in answering any questions I had. The performance of Aerospace brakes are 100% on point and no fade at the end” says Kevin of his experience with Aerospace Components. 


Kevin’s future plans are to race anywhere he possibly can in 2020. He currently races Limited Street. He hopes to be coined the “NA Guy” or better yet… “King of NA”!

He is currently building a second car for True Street racing as well. “I miss the True Street racers, they became like family to me, we had a lot of fun together” says Kevin.



Special thanks to:
Randy Thomas for repainting his Mustang 

Engine builder – Rick Lapouttre, Racing Heads/Engine

Jayson Blackburn

Jayson Blackburn’s love of racing began at an early age, watching his dad race the 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint. “I’ve been into drag racing since I was a boy. When I was a kid, I’d rather be at the Race track than Disneyland” says Blackburn, reminiscing of his childhood.


His 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint has been in the family since the 1990’s. Some of his best childhood memories were watching his dad race this car. The car was purchased from a salvage yard in the early 1990’s for few hundred dollars. They built the car from the ground up and took over 6 years before it actually hit the track. “The power plant is a naturally aspirated 504 cubic inch big block ford with 13.7 to 1 compression” says Blackburn.


Jayson lives in and works for the city of La Habra in California. He started out 8 years ago as a Mechanic and worked his way up to be the Fleet supervisor. He oversees all maintenance and repairs to La Habra’s Police and Fire departments vehicles and apparatuses along with all of their public works vehicles and equipment.  Jayson married his high school sweetheart Jennifer, and they have a 5 year old daughter named Jayden. “Some of my best childhood memories was at the race track with my dad. I’m carrying on the tradition now with my daughter” says Jayson.





The intake is a Aluminum “Ford Motorsports” came with the Cobra Jet top end kit and has been port matched to the cylinder heads. The drive train is a fuller roller setup from Comp Cams . The heads are Aluminum “Ford Motorsports” Cobra jet heads and have been Race ported and polished. The motor was built buy L&R Engines out of Santa fe springs California. Its fed by a Mallory 140gph fuel pump through a 1050 Holley dominator. It has CSR electric Water pump and a Aerospace Vacuum pump. The headers were custom made for the car. The motor runs on 110 octane race fuel, it has a tank 5 gallon fuel cell located in the trunk. The front end is a “Art Morrison” mustang II front clip (rack and pinion steering and coil over shocks). The motor produces approx. 820 horsepower and 860 foot pounds of torque at the flywheel. The motor is connected to a custom built Ford C6 transmission with a billet TCS 4500 stall converter and Artcarr manual reverse valve body. The rear end is held in with a 3 link setup built to handle 1500hp. The differential is a custom Currie ford 9”. The rear tires are 32’’ tall and 17.5’’ wide. The car is fully caged certified to go 8.50 in the quarter and has a single bucket seat with a 5 point harness. “The car is street legal and fun to drive, I’m always turning heads an setting off car alarms” says Jayson.

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“I purchased your guys Vacuum pump kit for my big block Ford a few months back. I’ve been around race cars my entire life and was amazed at the quality of craftsmanship of your products. My fastest pass on the 1/8 mile was 6.51 with out the vacuum pump. After installing your guys Vacuum pump I ran my new best time at 6.33 on the 1/8th mile. You guys should be proud of your products. Here’s a video of my personal best run after installing your vacuum pump. Thank you guys!” says Jayson of his Aerospace Components parts.


Gage Burch

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Gage Burch’s love of racing began at the early age of 8 years old, he knew from the first day at the track he wanted to race! He even watched his parents race which further fueled his passion.


“In 2019 I won the largest paying drag race ever, the SFG 525, along with many other victories along the way. I drove my good friend Matt Dads’ Ranger in the event in Michigan. In 2020, I plan to travel more and go to the most of the big money bracket races, either driving the ranger or my mustang. There are multiple bracket races paying 1 million or more this year. My goal is to attend all of them hopefully with the help of some new sponsors to come on board and of course hopefully we score big!” says Burch.

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The following companies help me out and are a part of my racing program.

  • Aerospace Components (brakes on all 4 corners)

  • Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

  • Moser Engineering

  • FTI Performance

  • Penske Racing Shocks

  • UPR Products

  • Exhaust Solutions

  • Innovative Racecraft

In this 2020 season, Gage also made it to the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle for the NMCA Muscle Car Mahem Fastest Street Car Bracket Open and the NMRA Spring Break Shootout!



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For the rest of the 2020 season Gage plans on racing a lot of the big money bracket races. “There’s gonna be millions of dollars up for grabs. 4 races that are considered ‘million dollar races’ which could pay up to a million each, or more! With the help of sponsors and hopefully some new people coming on board this year I would like to make it to each and every one of these this year!” says Burch.

Good luck on your 2020 racing season!

Houston Kilby


“If you want a cool car, you gotta build it.”

These words from his dad are what inspired Houston Kilby to pursue his dream. With the help from one of the best chassis builders he knows, his uncle Blaine Kilby, Houston has been working on building his own GTO chassis. “I’ve been able to bend out my own chassis and tig weld it up as well. Building my Pro street/ Race car has been an awesome experience, and my plans for 2020 is to finish up the fuel system, wiring, and safety systems, then we will be ready to hit the road and track” says Houston on the progress of his 1966 GTO. 

In 2019, Houston was invited to bring the car our to a Pontiac show in Pigeon Forge, as well as his home track at Bristol Motor Speedway for the first ever Street Car Take Over event! “We’ve had an awesome time meeting everyone who had been following the build, everyone can watch the full build process on my Houston Kilby YouTube channel. We cannot wait to take the car to the next event and to fire this bad boy up. The items we have left to get for this race season  are the transmission, shifter, fire bottles, fuel pump, injectors, and EFI ECU. Stay tuned as you see each item installed on the car. Also, a huge thanks to Kimmy and Aerospace Components!” says Houston on all the awesome upcoming projects he has for this year.

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Full Metal Goat Specs:

  • 1966 GTO

  • 698 Cubic inches F3-136 procharger

  • Steve Morris blower belt drive

  • Peterson dry sump system

  • Aero flow fittings

  • Aerospace Components Brakes front and rear

  • Mark Williams 3rd member Mark Williams axles

  • KMS 9” rear end 4 link

  • Qa1 shocks and struts

  • Ron Davis radiator Weld wheels

  • Hoosier tires

  • Kilbymotorsports chromemoly chassis

World Street Finals!~Last Race 2019


18th Annual NMCA World Street Finals at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, IN

All the action happened at Lucas Oil Raceway 2019! Awesome car show, True Street Cruise & Winners. As well as Champions were crowned & racers who won the event! 

All celebrated in the Aerospace Components Winners Circle! Check out our videos & photo gallery of the World Street Finals:







Tyler Friend: Fresh, Fast, and Furious!


Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Tyler Friend on today’s blog!

Tyler’s racing career began in 2018, after attending her first race in Columbus, Ohio. She didn’t have much exposure to racing, but after that particular race weekend, she knew it was something she was destined to do! In October 2018, Tyler bought her 2015 Eco Post Mustang and her first race was this year in Bradenton, Florida. This race was pivotal for Tyler, as she caught the eye of Brad and Nina Gussler and they approached her with a sponsorship offer!

“BG Racing is helping me tremendously. Brooks Smith is my crew chief and my fiancé and I wouldn’t be able to race if it wasn’t for him. I’m also being sponsored by Stifflers, who gave me a drive shaft loop. My plans for 2019 include staying in Ford Muscle and my goal is to get into the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle!”, Tyler shared.


We wish you the best of luck in the beginning of your racing career, Tyler! Hope to see you in the Aerospace Component’s Winner’s Circle!



Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight John Schaeffer and his car, Silver Juice!

John Schaeffer’s need for speed isn’t slowing down anytime soon! With his 99 Camaro Z28 full street legal car, John’s racing schedule and continued upgrades to the car are full speed ahead!

His car, appropriately named Silver Juice based on its silver sheen, is fully equipped with a Dart Ls Next from Mike Lough Racing Engines. Diamond Pistons came on board last year and John and his team are currently testing the LSK pistons that are a great off-the-shelf-piston, paired with a Cam motion cam and Mast Cathedral heads to drive air from the F1X Procharger to maximize the power. The suspension is UMI full suspension with a Midwest Chassis Torque arm and AFCO race shocks on all 4 corners to drive the cars 1.17 60fts. Last but not least, in order to achieve ‘lightning fast stopping power’ on the car, John proudly has Aerospace Brakes installed all around his car.

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“The Aerospace shifter has been a game changer for me”, John shared. The short shifting stroke and having it wired to the ECU to shift at the optimum RPM gives John the extra edge when beating the competition on close races. His family was also relieved he installed Aerospace brakes, considering his chute didn’t deploy during a run, but thankfully he was able to stop with no issues. 

“I trust Aerospace Brakes every time I pull up to the tree to release the trans brake on my Pro Eliminator shifter!”

   John and his team are thrilled with the new upgrades on the car this year; including titanium valves, Procharger Volute, Firecore wires, PTC Stall, and AEM wide bands for better tuning capability. With all of these upgrades complete, John is expecting to see 4.5xs out of the car this year on a 275 drag radial.

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His ultimate goal this year is to win some big upcoming races! John has his sight set on hitting 4.60s in the car and getting the 60ft down to the 1.10 range. They’re running the X275 series and will look at doing the Street Outlaw class at Indy, which is similar to the X275 class they currently run now. Another goal for John? To complete in the NMCA races & get in the Aerospace Component’s Winners Circle!!

With a packed racing schedule ahead of John and his team, including the upcoming No Prep Street Car Showdown on June 30th at Ozark Raceway Park, he is prepared and ready to continue his streak and strive for victory!

We wish John and his team the best of luck for the remainder of the racing year! 


Congratulations on Runner Up Holley LS FEST 2019 !!!!  So Awesome,John

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