Houston Kilby


“If you want a cool car, you gotta build it.”

These words from his dad are what inspired Houston Kilby to pursue his dream. With the help from one of the best chassis builders he knows, his uncle Blaine Kilby, Houston has been working on building his own GTO chassis. “I’ve been able to bend out my own chassis and tig weld it up as well. Building my Pro street/ Race car has been an awesome experience, and my plans for 2020 is to finish up the fuel system, wiring, and safety systems, then we will be ready to hit the road and track” says Houston on the progress of his 1966 GTO. 

In 2019, Houston was invited to bring the car our to a Pontiac show in Pigeon Forge, as well as his home track at Bristol Motor Speedway for the first ever Street Car Take Over event! “We’ve had an awesome time meeting everyone who had been following the build, everyone can watch the full build process on my Houston Kilby YouTube channel. We cannot wait to take the car to the next event and to fire this bad boy up. The items we have left to get for this race season  are the transmission, shifter, fire bottles, fuel pump, injectors, and EFI ECU. Stay tuned as you see each item installed on the car. Also, a huge thanks to Kimmy and Aerospace Components!” says Houston on all the awesome upcoming projects he has for this year.

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Full Metal Goat Specs:

  • 1966 GTO

  • 698 Cubic inches F3-136 procharger

  • Steve Morris blower belt drive

  • Peterson dry sump system

  • Aero flow fittings

  • Aerospace Components Brakes front and rear

  • Mark Williams 3rd member Mark Williams axles

  • KMS 9” rear end 4 link

  • Qa1 shocks and struts

  • Ron Davis radiator Weld wheels

  • Hoosier tires

  • Kilbymotorsports chromemoly chassis

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