Houston Kilby — Back At It!

We are checking in on Houston Kilby for a 2020 racing update!


The Kilby Crew is back at it again! After experiencing the quality of Aerospace Components parts, Kilby knew he would want their products on his customer’s cars as well as his personal vehicles. “It can be extremely difficult when deciding on transmission packages for your race car & street car, let alone figuring out what shifter to use. That being said, there is one shifter that comes to mind when using a Promod Reid cased TSR Powerglide — that is the Aerospace Components Powerglide shifter. The first time I laid eyes on it I knew that the team at Aerospace Components had race car and street car enthusiasts in mind” says Kilby of his newest addition to his car.


Speaking more about the Aerospace Components Powerglide Shifter, Kilby says, “not only did they take it to the next level by making this bad boy very appealing to look at, but it is also extremely user friendly. After the install, I noticed how easy it is to shift from Park to 1st in very easy to little effort. Not to mention the one-handed feature to shift into reverse.  Speaking from a racers/chassis builders mindset I have always struggled finding a shifter that’s appealing to the eye and functional for consistent electric solenoid shifting, plus Made in the USA! I owe a big thank you to Kim and her awesome team at Aerospace Components for all of the support with their products and for promoting their customers builds. The finish and the quality of Aerospace Components is above and beyond, plus the fact that Aerospace Components products are made in the USA is a huge plus for me.”



Kilby currently has front and rear Aerospace Pro Street drilled and slotted Brake kit for awesome stopping power, backed up with Aerospace Powerglide shifter for smooth and consistent shifting with very cool easy one handed Operation on his personal GTO “Full Metal Goat.” The Kilby Crew also has two builds currently underway in house for both sand and Mudd racing customers that they are also using Aerospace Drag race brake kits on. You can see all three builds on their YouTube channel!

Kilby’s race plans for 2020 are currently wide open —  “working the late night hours, finishing up the last few safety components on the chassis fire bottles, and parachute mounts.  The parts I have left buy are:  Holley Dominator EFI system, Fuel Pump & Atomizer injectors, Fire suit, Helmet, Belts, & Parachute.”


The Kilby Crew would also like to recognize the following companies:

  • TSR Racing Products: Thank you for helping us out on our Powerglide Transmission!

  • Autoplumb:  Your AN Fittings are awesome, thank you for working with us!

  • KCD:  Thank you for hooking us up with some awesome suspension tuning!

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