Jayson Blackburn

Jayson Blackburn’s love of racing began at an early age, watching his dad race the 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint. “I’ve been into drag racing since I was a boy. When I was a kid, I’d rather be at the Race track than Disneyland” says Blackburn, reminiscing of his childhood.


His 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint has been in the family since the 1990’s. Some of his best childhood memories were watching his dad race this car. The car was purchased from a salvage yard in the early 1990’s for few hundred dollars. They built the car from the ground up and took over 6 years before it actually hit the track. “The power plant is a naturally aspirated 504 cubic inch big block ford with 13.7 to 1 compression” says Blackburn.


Jayson lives in and works for the city of La Habra in California. He started out 8 years ago as a Mechanic and worked his way up to be the Fleet supervisor. He oversees all maintenance and repairs to La Habra’s Police and Fire departments vehicles and apparatuses along with all of their public works vehicles and equipment.  Jayson married his high school sweetheart Jennifer, and they have a 5 year old daughter named Jayden. “Some of my best childhood memories was at the race track with my dad. I’m carrying on the tradition now with my daughter” says Jayson.





The intake is a Aluminum “Ford Motorsports” came with the Cobra Jet top end kit and has been port matched to the cylinder heads. The drive train is a fuller roller setup from Comp Cams . The heads are Aluminum “Ford Motorsports” Cobra jet heads and have been Race ported and polished. The motor was built buy L&R Engines out of Santa fe springs California. Its fed by a Mallory 140gph fuel pump through a 1050 Holley dominator. It has CSR electric Water pump and a Aerospace Vacuum pump. The headers were custom made for the car. The motor runs on 110 octane race fuel, it has a tank 5 gallon fuel cell located in the trunk. The front end is a “Art Morrison” mustang II front clip (rack and pinion steering and coil over shocks). The motor produces approx. 820 horsepower and 860 foot pounds of torque at the flywheel. The motor is connected to a custom built Ford C6 transmission with a billet TCS 4500 stall converter and Artcarr manual reverse valve body. The rear end is held in with a 3 link setup built to handle 1500hp. The differential is a custom Currie ford 9”. The rear tires are 32’’ tall and 17.5’’ wide. The car is fully caged certified to go 8.50 in the quarter and has a single bucket seat with a 5 point harness. “The car is street legal and fun to drive, I’m always turning heads an setting off car alarms” says Jayson.

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“I purchased your guys Vacuum pump kit for my big block Ford a few months back. I’ve been around race cars my entire life and was amazed at the quality of craftsmanship of your products. My fastest pass on the 1/8 mile was 6.51 with out the vacuum pump. After installing your guys Vacuum pump I ran my new best time at 6.33 on the 1/8th mile. You guys should be proud of your products. Here’s a video of my personal best run after installing your vacuum pump. Thank you guys!” says Jayson of his Aerospace Components parts.


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