Feature: Michelle Devilbiss

Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight Michelle Devilbiss:

Michelle has had an incredible 2017 season thus far, with many more opportunities on the horizon for her to beat the competition in her Devils Revenge Mustang GT 600ci BBF with Nitrous.

As if the victories haven’t kept her busy enough, Michelle has been involved with a variety of promotional appearances and exhibitions. She recently had a paid appearance at Cherokee Raceway in Tennessee, where Doc & Monza of the 405 Street Outlaws were the last paid appearance before her. Since then she was asked to make exhibition passes at Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania along with Jeff Lutz and The Reaper of the 405. The Devils Reject Shelby were also there with Brian making his quickest pass ever with a 7.32.

Michelle was also asked to do some exhibition grudge racing at the Firecracker Invitational at Mason Dixon Dragway, MD along with Kye Kelley and some of the fastest cars in Pennsylvania.  “I won my Grudge Race; making it my quickest pass ever!”, Michelle mentioned. “I am riding the edge of my 4 second pass – this seasons goal.  I feel confident I will reach that goal with the help of Patrick Barnhill of PTP RACING coming on board.  He is a ‘Tuner to the Stars’ if you will”.

Her next race is an Invitational Grudge Racing Event for the opportunity to run Boosted GT or Kayla Mortinson, both of the 405 Street Outlaws. This season has truly been a blessing for Devilbiss Racing. The constant pressure to perform comes along with her appearances & invitationals where there are always large crowds and high expectations. Michelle continually thrives under pressure and lives up to her given name – The Fastest Chic in PA. “I’m out there running with the fast boys; always trying to make a name and place for us women in motorsports”, Michelle proudly claimed.

Teamwork is also a vital component of Michelle’s success. When she’s not in the drivers seat, she’s wearing her Crew Chief hat for the Devils Reject, because she gets just as much enjoyment and reward seeing Brian Devilbiss win and knowing — as a team — they are unstoppable!  Thanks to their race team Evolution Performance, their Chassis Shop HFR Fabrication and their Tuner Patrick Barnhill, the Devils Reject is now running NMRA Street Outlaw.  They are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with and have their sites set on being in the Aerospace Components Winners Circle!


“What a great experience it’s been teaming up with such an amazing marketing partner: Aerospace Components!”, Michelle explained of her ever-growing partnership. “Kim and Al Kussy are there every step of the way providing support. From getting top notch racing products to your door when you need them, to phone support, to being at the track in person cheering us on and greeting us in the Winners Circle like we are family. Aerospace Components is the most reputable racing partner out there; standing behind their products and the racers. They provide us with unmatched support and treat us like family”. Watch for a feature in NMRA Race Pages Magazine that talks of Michelle’s partnership with Aerospace Components.

Michelle’s eager and excited for the remainder of this season; as Devilbiss Racing will be at NMRA World Finals, Import vs Domestic (World Cup) and Mod Nationals. Devilbiss Racing will also attend Yellowbullet, local races, and make appearances. Also, this year Devilbiss Racing is sponsoring their local track where Michelle got her start drag racing.

Michelle and her team also sponsor racers and youth getting into the sport, as they want to see it grow. “Our fans and supporters are very important to us, especially the kids…”, Michelle mentioned. “They are the future of our sport and I want to foster a love for racing in their little hearts. Charity and giving back are an integral part of who I am.  I help to organize and run several charity events a year for car enthusiasts.  Raising money for JDRF Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and others in need”.

Michelle looks forward to seeing everyone at PRI, Performance Race Industry in December. Race on!


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