Feature: Justen Spencer

Kimmy’s garage would like to highlight Justen Spencer of Twisted Modular Racing:

Justen’s first encounter with racing down the 1320′ was at one of the largest door car races on the West Coast, the Streetcar Super Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. After 2 days of qualifying his ’88 daily-driven stick shift mustang, he pulled off a first round win in Mustang Madness. The victory was even sweeter with his father in attendance, making it a family affair. Justen knew he was meant to race “once I felt the rush of emotions, and the elation of accomplishment that goes along with a successful round”.


They didn’t make it through to the next round, after missing a shift in the very car that would later be the vessel their team used to accomplish many victories. Though that round was the last round of the event, both Justen and his father showed their commitment by watching and completing that weekend. Little did they know, their future was to be filled with countless wins and numerous championships.


“The unique partnership we share with Aerospace Components has been a huge contributor to our continued success at the track. When it comes to staging in a class where reaction time is ‘make or break’, my control of the car has vastly improved with the addition of their manual master cylinder and set of 4-piston drag racing brakes on all 4 corners. Control allows us to dial down to the thousandths of a second in reaction time, to qualify at the top of the field or when lining up next to the heavy hitters in later rounds of competition” says Justen Spencer.


Justen states there’s always a second reason why they do this; the camaraderie and level of competition shown to us by the race-track family! “Whether I’m lining up against my long time rival Brent Calvert, or good family friend Dwane Cress, there will always be that family and friend atmosphere off the track and an overwhelming urge to win once you pass the ready line”, Justen mentions of the friendships he’s made during his racing career. This balance is something they’ve come to love and expect from everyone in the racing community. Justen continues, “And, Aerospace Components embodies this exact race track dynamic, making them one of the most grass-roots oriented motorsports companies out there”.

“We are thrilled having Twisted Modular Racing and Justen Spencer as part of our Aerospace Components Team!” says Kim Kussy of Aerospace.

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  1. Justen is one of the best racers I know and his parents are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Making new friends every meet make racing a very fulfilling hobby. J&T

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