Feature: Ricky Deuschle Jr

Kimmy’s Garage would like to highlight Ricky Deuschle on today’s blog:

Ricky Deuschle Racing Company (RDRC) is a family owned and operated race team based out of Palmdale, California. The dream began back in 2000 when the patriarch of the family,  Ricky Deuschle Sr, introduced his children to the world of junior dragsters. Ricky Deuschle Jr was only 8 at the time, but was excited to start racing with the guidance of his father who had been racing 20+ years in the Super Pro Category.


RDRC has been performing at the competitive level and won multiple championships in various series all over the country. Ricky races from the east coast to the west coat and everywhere in between. No matter where RDRC goes, they are known for their family and the quality of racing they put out, along with sportsmanship.

Ricky’s sisters Ashley and Emma have also joined in on the fun! RDRC started out as a father son operation but has now evolved into a 5 (soon to be 6) car family racing team.


“Since our partnership with Aerospace Components, RDRC has brought our competitive edge to the next level. Being that we live in CA, we race in some of the hottest conditions. Aerospace Components water pumps help our cars cool down in record time and stay cool. In 115 degree weather we can drive our cars to the lanes, race, and still not get our water pumps above 180 degrees. After a run we can be cooled down to 115 degrees and ready to race in about 15-20 minutes. This is something as racers we love because going deep in rounds, the turnaround time gets shorter and shorter. With Aerospace Components, staying cool is no longer an issue!” says Ricky Deuschle Jr, of some of the secrets to their success.

Power loss is also an issue when racing in these harsh conditions of the California sun. Ricky states their remedy, “With Aerospace Components Vacuum Pumps we can gain back that lost power, and then some. This allows us to not have to run our cars on the edge which saves parts and money. On average we have seen an extra 25-35 HP gain just from tuning our engines on the Dino with an Aerospace Components Vacuum Pump.”

Ricky also mentions, “Another concern we have had is getting our cars stopped safely after making a 200+ mph run on our cars. Even though we have dual chutes on almost all our cars, stopping safely is big because sometimes those chutes can fail. With Aerospace Components brakes we can stop our cars even in the shortest shut down areas, with no problem at all. As a driver it’s nice to know I can trust my Aerospace brakes to get me stopped safely — no matter the circumstances.”


Meet the Team

Kathy Deuschle:
Pit Mom extraordinaire, who handles the funding and keeps everyone fed and hydrated throughout the weekend!

Rick Deuschle Sr:
Head Crew Chief, who also handles funding, along with all the tuning and maintenance coordination on the entire fleet.

Ricky Deuschle Jr:
Assistant Crew Chief, driver of the Aerospace Components 2002 Pro Nitrous Camaro and the 1969 Super Street Camaro.

Ashley Deuschle:
Driver of the Aerospace Components 1963 Split Window Top Sportsman Corvette.


Emma Deuschle:
Driver of the Aerospace Components 1963 Split Window Top Sportsman Corvette.

Wilfredo Velazquez:
Crew Member, newest member to the driving side of things. He will pilot the Aerospace Components 1963 Nova in 2018!


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