Project Silver Juice is back!

Update: John Schaeffer


John Schaeffer and his team finished the most recent build only 2 weeks before LSFest and out of the gate the car ran 5.20s on his home track on a “test and tune” night.

The new setup includes the Aerospace ProEliminator Shifter, “Which works awesome! The short shift from 1 to 2 is great and the trans brake button is in the perfect spot” states John.

They loaded up and drove to LSFest in Kentucky to battle it out in Drag Radial, the car did a best of 4.90s, making him the #1 qualifier on that first day. They moved to eliminations on Sunday but in the quarterfinals the ring gear broke in the rear end which caused him to lift a head gasket. “We would have made it to the finals but that’s racing! Everyone has those days.” says John.

Last weekend they did not get the car back together in time for NMCA Indy because of some issues. But he did make it to Street Car Takeover in St. Louis where he finished in the small tire class runner up, battling it out with 4.50 cars.


This weekend he is headed to a Big Marks No Prep Race and is looking forward to going rounds. October 7th John will be racing at Kansas Speedway on the pit road.

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