NEW PRODUCT: Titanium Drag Race Wave Front Rotors!


Aerospace Components
Titanium Drag Race Wave Front Rotors

Complete your set with both Front and Rear Drag Race Wave Rotors!

Aerospace Components Wave Rotor


  • Billet Brake Calipers with ‘Zero Drag’ technology built in

  • Less rotating mass/weight

  • More durable than carbon fiber

  • Faster ET’s

  • Floater rotors for spindle mount wheels

  • HUGE weight savings!
    Front Rotors weigh 1.9lbs versus steel 5.6lbs
    Rear Rotors weigh 2.4lbs versus steel 5.6lbs

  • Withstand extreme temperatures

  • Highest resistance against distortion, warping, wear

  • Will fit any Aerospace Drag Race Brake Kit

  • No special brake pads required

  • Made in the USA

  • Currently in stock


Behind the scenes look at how it’s made:



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