Ron Virga: The First Street Outlaw

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Ron Virga, a local racer from Dearborn, Michigan.

Ron’s love of racing started at a young age, when he got his first car in 9th grade. Al Kussy and Ron Virga became friends during Junior High and enjoyed ‘souping up’ cars together. By high school graduation, they were all racing their own respective cars! Ron had a 64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt, Al had a 67 Camaro Z28, and their other friend Bozyk had a 69 Camaro BBC. “We would skip school to go drag race our sweet cars on Telegraph Road between Dearborn and Redford, MI” says Ron.



Ron continued racing in Dearborn, MI and eventually sparked his son’s interest in racing! Together they built a 1987 Cutlass from body to paint. Ron states, “It started as a roller only when we got it. We put a 383 stroker motor, Aerospace Components brakes, and 350 trans built up 4200 stall with a 410 grand national rear end.”


Ron now participates in many car shows with the 1987 Cutlass. “I try to spread them out and go to different places as much as I can. Hangouts on a daily basis and the car usually goes out when it’s nice, 3-5 times a week. I just love cruising and hanging out!” Ron says about his life after retirement.

Ron and Al still keep in touch and reminisce about the old days of street racing. And their story is far from over!


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