How To: Vacuum Pump Install

This article will go over the details of installing a vacuum pump on a BBC cylinder head.

The vacuum pump can be installed on either side of the engine. Left or right, it does not matter. As you can see, there are mounting holes on all BBC cylinder heads. All you have to do is bolt the stationary pivot point on the inside of the cylinder head. Some configurations will require spacers or washers for proper alignment. The slotted part of the mounting bracket should line up with the outer tapped hole of the cylinder head. Make sure that the pump is aligned equally with spacers and/or washers as shown in the main pivot bolt. Once the pump is mounted, install the mandrill drive onto the harmonic dampener. Adjust the V-belt pulley on the mandrill drive to line up with the vacuum pump pulley. Then install the breather tank in a location that suits your engine compartment or chassis. You then have to cut the -12 AN lines to the correct lengths and hook them up to their respective ports on the vacuum pump (intake and exhaust).

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Also, you will have to cut a hole in the front of your valve cover and attach the aluminum valve cover bung to attach the suction line of the vacuum pump. On the opposite front valve cover, you will have to install a relief valve and adjust it accordingly to how much vacuum you want to pull. You have to buy the proper length V-belt to complete the installation and adjust the vacuum pump tension and tighten up the mounting bracket once completed.

Check alignment of the V-belt. Start your engine. Check the vacuum that the pump is creating. Adjust accordingly.

If you are not creating enough vacuum, check for potential leaks. These are a few areas for potential leakage: valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, timing chain cover gasket, intake manifold gasket, and around the distributor hole.


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