Coyote Modified Means Fast!

PHL Racing and LaRocca Performance consist on three players: Jim LaRocca, Tommy Annunziata, and George Brower. They have been racing for over 25 years and know both the thrill of a win and the frustrations of racing.

This 2017 racing season was their first full racing season back, they took a 10 year hiatus and ended up winning the NMRA championship right out the gate!


L to R: Jim LaRocca, Tommy Annunziata, George Brower


Tommy and Jim really enjoyed being in the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle TWICE this year, with their 2014 Coyote modified CobraJet (7.69 at 177.72), which is the class et and mph record and they are hoping to visit it even more in 2018.

“Aerospace rocks, keep up the good work, we all love your products!” states Jim.


They just put brakes on a 2007 Shelby which runs low nines at 150 plus mph (6 speed trans 2.3 tvs) and look forward to more racing!




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