Stamping out the Competition

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Jerry Stamps on today’s blog:

Jerry’s first taste of drag racing was in 1966 when his father took him and his brother to the US Nationals the day before he started first grade. They haven’t missed that race since! “In 1968 a friend of the family had a new Z28 Camaro that we vividly remember to this day.  He was on his way to the drag strip.  Sitting in the back of that car with a pair of slicks on it was a ride to remember, I was hooked on fast cars ever since” states Jerry.


After Jerry graduated from school, the owner of a body shop that he worked at gave him a shell of a 1970 Plymouth Duster. The brothers worked on that in the evenings and weekends transforming it into a 1971 Demon, completing it in 1980.

With the Demon finished, it was time to decide who was driving the car, and they decided whichever of the two brothers weighed less would drive, and Jerry got the honors. With a car and driver, they were off to their first bracket race at Indianapolis Raceway park.  “To say my first pass down the track was a learning experience would be an understatement” says Jerry. After racing the Demon for many years, and qualifying for the bracket finals team they won their first big race in 1991, winning the Mopar Nationals in Columbus, OH! Shortly after this, Jerry and his brother sold the Demon.


In 1992, Jerry married his wife Terri and in 1994 they started working on a 1973 Plymouth Duster that they have today to compete in NHRA Stock Eliminator. Jerry states, “Having some success in this class we decided we wanted to race a new 4 race series NHRA Unleashed Series sponsored by Aerospace Components. We were lucky enough to win Indianapolis and Columbus that year and we were then hooked on index racing!”


In 2012, running Nostalgia Muscle Car, they ran 4 of the 7 events. They ended up winning the Super Bowl at Joliet and Indianapolis, running the final round at 5am, and with some other good finishes, Jerry found himself in the Champions seat! The following week they also won the NHRA Stock Eliminator Fall Classic.


“Since then I have run Nostalgia Muscle Car ever year finishing in the top five. This series has allowed us to meet some very tough racers, and even better friends that have become like family. Thanks to Aerospace Components Kim and Al Kussy for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!!” says Jerry.


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