Rudolf and His Sleigh

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Rudolf Motorsports in today’s blog:




Jeff Rudolf has been racing NMCA for a total of 6 years starting in 2011. He chose to switch to NMCA after racing a year at the local Indianapolis race track, Lucas Oil Raceway. He has ran 3 years in open comp in his previous ’70 Chevrolet Nova. After winning 2 open comp races in the NMCA series over the course of 3 years he was ready to go faster. The team then found a name for itself and added members to form an unforgettable motorsports collaboration.



Team Members of Rudolf Motorsports:

  • Kelli Ulrey
  • Kieffer Simpson
  • Brad Robinson 

After making the decision on purchasing Kevin Parent’s 1969 Nova, Rudolf made huge progress in the Nitrous Pro Street Class. Following his first year of competing in the NPS class. he came out strong ending the season in the 2nd position! The second year of running NPS he finished in the 3rd position of the ARP NPS Class. In 2017, Rudolf Motorsports added 3 key players to their team: Haltech Engine Management Systems, tuner Patrick Barnhill, and current Pro Mod driver, Steven Summers. Summers helped with chassis adjustments, while Patrick Barnhill with PTP Racing tuned the car with the Haltech Engine Management System.

Jeff battled this past racing season knowing that this would be the last time with the 1969 Nova and finished in the 2nd position of the class. He made it to the Aerospace Winner’s Circle twice this season, and the team has worked very hard to get to this point. Joliet and Atlanta were the two wins that Rudolf Motorsports and driver, Jeff will be remembered for. “It’s always good to see Kim’s smiling face handing you a trophy along with Al and his handy work on his extra photography and support. They never rush you out of the Aerospace Winner’s Circle, allowing people to celebrate your win with you.” Jeff says.


Jeff states, “No matter if you make it into the Aerospace Components Winner Circle or not, Kim and Al Kussy are always treating you as their racing family. Although, they do make winning an unforgettable experience.”

In Joliet, Jeff and his team, Rudolf Motorsports announced that they would be building a new Larry Jeffers, 1969 Camaro Twin Turbo Pro Mod for the 2018 season.


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