Ray Cox SuperBird

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Ray Cox on today’s blog:

Ray Cox’s love of racing began in 1999 with the building of his old Pontiac FireBird which he raced in Xtreme Street with. Years later, it became a father son project, when his son Brad started helping with the build as well as racing in 2010.


Ray with his wife (Pam), daughter (Christina), and son (Brad).

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They are currently building a new 1999 Pontiac TransAm for NMCA Xtreme Street!

Features of the new car:

  • 3,550 lb All Steel Bodied 1976 Trans Am
  • Factory Doors and Glass
  • Nitrous Assisted
  • Street Legal
  • Aerospace Brakes, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum adjuster bottle mount, Battery tray, Water neck
  • All Pontiac 535 inch engine now going to 550 cubic inch
  • 275 Radial Tire
  • RPM transmission with a Griner Transbrake, PTC converter

“Even though we haven’t been the quickest car in the class, I love going to the NMCA Races just for the chance to be around great people and learn new things. Thanks to the NMCA for giving us a great place to race and a special thanks to Kim and Al at Aerospace for everything you do.”  -Brad Cox


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