2018 Sneak Peek — Jeremiah Burgess

2018 Sneak Peek with Jeremiah Burgess


Jeremiah is building a new car for his 2018 racing season! The first thing he did was put Aerospace Components front and rear brakes on the car. The car will be built with help from Ace Trailers and feature J2 Fabrication. The gold wheels and tires will be replaced with Race Stars for street driving and Bogarts for race wheels. 

The car will also feature: UPR, Pro Dyno, Shane Martin, VMP, Mishimoto, Innovate Motorsports, PNR Welding, Team Beefcake Racing, Race Ramps Superwinch, Brian Tooley Racing, Lethal Performance, Carbon Driven, HCM Carbon,  Special Carbonfiber, and many other great brands!


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He will try to attend all 6 NMRA events, in the Ford Muscle Class this year and win as many as possible! Jeremiah’s 2018 goal is to win Rookie of the Year. “This season I want to honor my friends, family and sponsors. Have fun and meet new racers and people. Learn all I can and do it all while being respectful and showing God’s love towards everyone.” Jeremiah says. 

Jeremiah states, “I want to thank Kim Kussy and her team at Aerospace Components for giving me opportunity to represent them and for designing my brake setup that’s gonna keep me safe and also aid in my quest for 9s with the light weight billet aluminum they use to make them.”

Stay tuned for a Kimmy’s Garage video featuring Jeremiah’s brake install!!


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