JUST RELEASED: Aerospace Components Wave Titanium Drag Race Front & Rear Rotors!

Aerospace Components is rolling out a new product:

*Wave Titanium Drag Race Front Rotors and Rear Rotors*

These rotors will fit any existing Aerospace Components Front or Rear Brake Kit!

Our billet brake calipers have built in zero-drag technology!

Using the NEW Titanium rotors versus Steel rotors ensures:

  • Titanium saves HALF the weight versus steel rotors

  • Less rotating mass weight

  • Non-corrosive

  • More durable than carbon fiber rotors

  • Faster ET’s

  • More miles per hour



Front Rotor weight savings:

  • Only 1.9 pounds compared to the 5.6 pounds of steel rotors!

Rear Rotor weight savings:

  • Only 2.4 pounds compared to the 5.6 pounds of steel rotors!

ASC 2018 FSC - Wave Rotor Red 2 P (1)

Save weight, increase speed!


Keith Rhea’s Aerospace Components Titanium Brake Setup!


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