Pony Up with Lil Devil!

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature racer Josh Flynt on today’s blog:

“Some say I’m chasing a dream… I like to think I’m living it!” this is how Josh Flynt feels about his love of racing! He feels blessed to have his own shop as well,  House of Stangs. He specializes in everything Mustang, so he’s always involved with some kind of race car. He is also the founder of a local mustang community, Pony UP and he hosts the Bay Area’s Fastest Race each month. 



The car: 89 Foxbody. The original build started with just a stock coyote motor, 6 speed manual, and nitrous. The car proved it’s worthiness wherever it raced; from No PREP to half mile races. In the 1/8 mile it was a deadly combo against cars with twice the HP just because it worked so well! In the 1/2 mile races he was able to stop in half the time of every competitor!

Josh attributes this to his Aerospace Components brakes, “We all know these brakes are WORLD CLASS… BUT… the way my car rolls without dragging the brakes is what amazes me and a lot of friends! I’m proud to say I’ve converted a lot of friends to Aerospace… Yandro being one of the most recent! We are very lucky to have you guys around”


Josh’s car is currently awaiting it’s debut at NMRA. The new build is a custom built Coyote Motor (Levin Motorsports), custom turbo kit (HR Fab), twin Borg Warner turbos, 6r80 transmission. He chose to put this flag at the front on the hood of his car in honor of everyone who ever made a sacrifice of service for this country! “If it wasn’t for them we ALL wouldn’t be able to what we do every day” says Josh.


Josh is thankful for his support system of his amazing/inspiring wife Sydney and his 3 kiddos: Leo, Maddon, and Novi, as well as his Mom Joanne.


“One quote I like to use a lot about a lot of things in life .. If you don’t challenge yourself and take the chance… you will never know the outcome! I would rather finish in ‘last place’ than never starting a race” states Josh.


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