Robert Chuhran: Street Lightning Racer & Veteran!

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Robert Chuhran in today’s blog!


Military Background: CWO2 Robert B. Chuhran

He was drafted in 1967, and after basic and Surveyor School, he waited for orders to attend Flight School in April. After flight school he went straight to Vietnam as a Helicopter pilot in November of 1968! “I had a hard time there and took small arms fire in a small helo called a Loach and went down. Then I flew a Huey for a month but that was also shot down in 27 days! Then I got my big chance in a Cobra Attack Helicopter until that was shot down by an RPG. I woke up in Japan 6 days later, but they (the Army) figured I had enough of Vietnam! I then got orders for Korea after a month in the hospital! There I was in an Artillery outfit for 10 months working as a clerk in Battalion Headquarters! After that I got a job in the USO running a craft shop and flying model airplanes for my last 18 months in the Army!!”


Robert began his racing career in 2000 at the World Ford Challenge, racing his 1999 Ford Lightning. By 2001 he had already won the Street Lightning class! In 2004 he went to his first race in Bradenton, after the the Fun Ford Weekend race in Orlando. He continued to attend the Bradenton race as well as the Fun Ford Weekend for a couple years until he decided to switch to all NMRA. He has continued racing in NMRA every year since then and has even made it into the Aerospace Components Winners Circle! 



Car specs:

  • Ford GT aluminum block

  • Bored and stroked with a Kenny Bell 4.7L supercharger

  • The engine was built by Johnny “Lightning” Wiker Jr and currently is using Big Stuff 3 for tuning

  • Engine output can be up to 860 HP!

  • Aerospace Components front and rear brakes


“The reason I use Aerospace Components brakes is they are extremely lightweight and stop my truck every time after a pass down the 1/4 mile. They serve me well! I have great confidence in Aerospace Components brakes to get me stopped safely!” says Robert.

Robert continues to race this season and is getting used to his new engine and transmission, as well as using a transbrake. “As always my significant other Pamala supports my efforts of trying to win another Championship and compete in this sport of ours!” says Robert of his success.


We are glad to have Robert as a part of our Aerospace Components team!

Thank you for your service, Robert!


Follow Robert’s Racing In 2018 at the NMRA Events : 





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