Kevin White: Fueling Up With Aerospace Components!


Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Kevin White on today’s blog!


Kevin has been involved with many types of racing over time, mainly through business. From Indy Cars to NASCAR. Dick Simon racing with Scott Pruitt driving. Race enduro’s and hare scrambles for 22 years. Dirt bikes.

He was involved with White Creek Stables, Delaware OH. Standard breads, pacers and trotters. “Always have had fast cars over time. A little street racing every now and then? Started running in true street 2014, but I was using a collector car in that series, 1973 matching numbers Berger Camaro. I’m the third owner. Great car. 1/6 made at Berger. Other 5 are no where to be found. 383 stroker, high tens” says Kevin.


He then decided to jump into open comp, then into super comp in NHRA. Very first NHRA division 3 event of the last year was his first event for the Nova. “Pulled up to the staging lane, and was first in line with a dragster. Was told I’m in the wrong lane, but explained I wasn’t, look at SC. All was settled and went up to stage, it was fun. Many fans and drivers” says Kevin of his first experience at the line.

He Ran number 1 qualifier 890.1. 8.90 is the index. “This is old school, no box, or throttle stops. Old school racing against computers race cars. Every seat time gets better. They can be beat” says Kevin.



“Had a good run in Division 3 NHRA, Hebron OH. Had the biggest fan base at my trailer. These super comp dragsters even routing for the Nova. When they found out is was just me and my weights to slow it down, is old school of way of doing it. (8.90)”

Kevin will be running in the US Nationals, 2018.

He also races with NMCA events in the Open Comp Class. 

There are 3 more NMCA events in 2018

July 26-29th *Illinois ~ Route 66 Raceway

August 23-26th * Ohio ~ Summit Motorsports Park

September 20-23rd * Indiana ~ Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis

“We are getting better and are going to win! Thanks to Aerospace Components for supporting NMCA as a major sponsor and for creating a great fuel pump!” says Kevin. He hopes to celebrate in the Aerospace Components winner’s circle in 2018!


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