Build of the Month: Jason Shumate

Making the Switch: Steel to Titanium

Racer: Jason Shumate

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Jason recently ran the car at the NHRA Sports Nationals in Bowling Green. He qualified #6 out of 97 Super Stock cars, ran almost a full second under the SS/AA index, and won the Best Appearing Car award out of hundreds of cars! “It was nice to get a bronze Wally that is only given out at the Sports Nats. Should be coming out in National Dragster soon. We made the quickest pass in the car yet at 8.75 during round one of class eliminations” says Jason.


He recently made several changes with the motor. Charlie Westcott, Jr. of Parma, MI helps him with all the parts, machine work, and dyno time for the motor. John and Ben Holt of Columbus, OH do all the chassis work and adjustments to keep the car hooked up and going straight.

History of the car: “This car was not an original 1965 A-990 factory race car and was truthfully just about ready for the crusher. It took several donor vehicles and 5 years to get the body all restored, painted, and looking great. Hollis Booker of Memphis, IN did all the restoration, body work, and paint. Mike Quinn of Derby City Car Covers in Louisville, KY did all the custom interior” states Jason.

Sports Nats Award

Switching from steel to titanium Aerospace rotors: “I started out with all Aerospace parts for the brake system which included the standard steel rotors. The changes I have made to the brake system this year was switching out to titanium front and rear rotors, installing new rear hats, and changing to the new brake pads. The change over was easy because all the parts from Aerospace are interchangeable, which means I reused all my calipers and the front hubs. It’s difficult in a Super Stock car sometimes to exactly pinpoint what change made a car improve the numbers on your time slip because we are usually adjusting several things at once, but a lot of little things add up and become fewer and farther between the more you refine your setup. Switching to the titanium rotors was too easy of a weight loss not to do, and has to be part of the cars improvements. This 65 Plymouth Belvedere is a natural B Class car per the NHRA Car Classification Guide, so we have went to great lengths and expenses to save all the weight we can and be able to run this car competitively up one class in A Class. The titanium rotor change lost 10lbs off the car” says Jason.


Jason plans to attend the NHRA Indianapolis and Chicago points races in July to get grade points so he can run the U.S. Nationals again this coming Labor Day weekend!

NHRA Sportsnationals 2018 highlights of Jason:


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