The Fast and Furious Firebird

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Ray and Brad Cox and their Pontiac Firebird!


Ray and Brad Cox’s Pontiac Firebird has been running Aerospace Components products for many years. On their TransAm they have AC vacuum pump, battery tray, nitrous bottle mount, and water neck. Most recently they purchased the Titanium Wave Drag Rotors, front and rear! “Our old steel rotors would tend to warp easily with our 3500 lb car, but with Aerospace Components Titanium Drag Rotors we have experienced no warping, even with 50+ passes” states Ray and Brad. With his new Aerospace Titanium rotors he is saving 10 lbs of rotating weight. They say that have improved their ET’s and stopping power with their new rotors. 


“We’ve had Aerospace Components racing products on our car for over 10 years and we can attest to the excellent craftsmanship! Not to mention the products are designed and manufactured in America. One of our favorite things about Aerospace is that they are available for tech support Monday-Thursday until 7pm EST, and Friday until 4pm EST. So if we have any questions they are there to assist us” states Brad.

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“One of the most important factors in switching from steel rotors to titanium is to bed the brake pads in, we decided to purchase new brake pads also. We simply followed the instructions per Aerospace’s instruction sheet which can be found online” says Ray.

Ray and Brad have raced with NMCA, Muncie Street Car Shootout, Car Craft Midnight Drags, the Pontiac Nationals, and Ohio Valley Prize Fight. They are especially looking forward to the remaining three NMCA races:

  • Illinois, July 26-29

  • Ohio, August 23-26

  • Indiana, September 20-23

    • (The Indiana event includes a free BBQ on Thursday)

This year you can find them on the Midway featuring more Aerospace Components products! You can also follow Ray and Brad Cox on facebook to see what they are up to!


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