UPDATE: Ryan Stevens: Taking It To The Next Level!

UPDATE: The New Camaro Rear Kits have been designed and manufactured. They’re currently in stock! Ryan has the first set; check out the photos below!

Camaro Rear Kit 2010-2015

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Also, check out the newest Kimmy’s Garage video below featuring this new product! Be sure to check back for more footage of Ryan racing at the track with the new brake kits installed.

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Ryan Stevens on today’s blog!


Ryan is currently in the process of making his car more efficient with lighter components, like Aerospace Components brakes, on the rear.

“We really love the front brakes for the 10-15 and the custom 2016 sets Aerospace Components built for us.”

Although Ryan doesn’t have any races planned until a track rental in November at Cecil in Maryland, his car is ‘under the knife’ for basic weight loss modifications; possibly including rear drag brakes, Ceramic bearing hubs if available, electric water pump, vacuum pump, and perhaps some lighter wheels. With his current engine and power train, he believes the car is maxed on power, so the efficiency and weight are what he’s targeting over the upcoming months.


Here are the current specifications on Ryan’s Camaro: 

  • 2010: Ls3, Stock Bottom End, All Motor, Gwatney Performance Heads and Cam, cid intake

  • Th400 trans, circle d converter, gm3.91 gears

  • Weld Wheels, MT275 pro tires, and Aerospace Components front brakes (vented street rotors)

“Aerospace has been a nice addition to the family of components we use on our personal, and customer builds. You guys have been very receptive to building new products to help accommodate our needs.  We are very passionate about what we do, and we try to choose the right components to give us every opportunity to succeed. We also have a great team of guys that help us accomplish what we do.”

Aerospace Components is currently creating Rear Kit for his 2016 Camaro. Check out the photos below!

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The lightweight brakes on Ryan’s car have not only been helpful for decreasing elapsed times, but also providing excellent stopping power while retaining great street-ability for driving the car daily!  “Fitment was awesome, they clear most every wheel imaginable with ease, and they look as good as they perform”, Ryan mentioned. In his quest for performance, light weight yet durable components are a must!

Ryan is eager to see how future products can help take his car to the next level and separate itself from the pack!


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