Bryan Norman: Racing Into 2019!

Kimmy’s Garage would like to feature Bryan Norman on today’s blog!



Even with the summertime, inclement weather, Bryan Norman continued to pursue yet another fantastic start to his racing season.

Bryan’s first race was in late April at his local track, Capital Raceway in Maryland. He took his Mustang out, which was also it’s first time on the track since installing Aerospace Component’s vacuum pump. “The pump works great and is making the most vacuum it ever has!”, mentioned Bryan.

Bryan entered his Mustang in the Top Bulb and Bottom Bulb categories that day and ultimately won the Bottom Bulb. In the same weekend, he made it to the quarter finals in the Top Bulb, so overall it was a successful first weekend of racing.



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After Bryan stopped over at Galot Motorsports Park for the K&N Spring Fling, the inclement weather made it’s way back to the northeast, which gave him a chance to analyze his dragster; including an update to the ignition with the new MSD Grid.

He then headed back to his local track to test out the new updates on his car. A .003 red light in the semi finals brought his day to a close, but that didn’t dampen Bryan’s spirit.



More recently, Bryan took to the track with his first pass at 135 mph at 5.09. After tweaking his Mustang after the first pass, the car cranked it up a notch to 141 mph at 4.91. He further implemented a converter change, which landed him at 141.5 mph at 4.88. Bryan decided to wrap up the weekend with a nice standing in the quarter finals.

Winners Circle

The latest update for Bryan’s Mustang includes changing the 3.90 ring / pinion for a 4.30, ultimately helping with his RPM range and landing him in his 4.70’s goal. Bryan is eager to take it out for another local race as well as The Triple Crown at Maryland International Raceway!

Best of luck to you, Bryan!


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